Plowing Ahead

The snow has kept a lot of buses off Northern Kentucky roads but in Newport, KY there is one old school bus that thrives in snowy weather. Twenty years ago Newport Independent Schools were ready to junk a 1976 school bus. “Over the years all the mechanics wanted to junk it after a certain amount of time. You can only work on it so many times but it hasn’t outlived its purpose yet,” said Dan Case, maintenance supervisor, who calls it the “snow bus.”

“First thing we do when we get the plows out is we try and get all the sidewalks and all the access points where the kids can get in without hurting themselves,” said Case. By using their own plows, Newport Independent Schools are saving money by not having to hire outside contractors. “Instead of using two, three or four vehicles, this can do all the heavy work and get everything plowed in a timely manner,” said John Sowinsky, assistant superintendent for Newport Independent Schools.

The snow bus has received upgrades under the hood. In the back, the seats have been removed and replaced with old school lockers for storage. “Everybody says it looks like a prisoners’ bus because we cover the windows up on it,” said Case. For now, the snow bus is accomplishing the main goal. “The whole thing is to get the kids to school safely,” said Case. “Snow bus helps.”

Just like the “Snow Bus,” we are plowing ahead literally and figuratively right now as a church. The snow has not deterred our joy, love, resolve, and revolution (and our parking lot/sidewalks will be clear for programming tonight!)!

How is your personal Love Revolution going? Are you journaling anything yet? Email us any stories worth sharing ( You can follow this year’s Love Revolution by following me on Twitter (twitter.comsearch for lrevolutiondave) or by visiting my new blog (

In case you missed the big announcement because of weather last weekend, here it is again:

We are pleased to announce that in recent weeks, our Sale of Property team has received a written contract from the Vineyard Westside church to purchase our Glenmore property that is acceptable and agreeable to our leaders! There are several issues to be resolved before a closing date can be set. Vineyard’s loan has been approved, and their financial institution is still making inspections of the property. Our biggest challenge is resolving some unpaid property taxes that accrued when WCCC’s tax exempt status was canceled by the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office when we changed our name and moved our office headquarters from Glenmore to Rt. 128. We have been assured that this was done in error, but removing the tax lien will take considerable time. When this is accomplished, as I am sure it will be, the sale of the Glenmore property will be the final piece in our relocation puzzle. Please pray for our trustees, finance team, our Realtor and all those involved in resolving this issue. When completed, all net proceeds from the sale will be applied to our debt with National City Bank. If you have questions about the sale, feel free to talk with Ruth Salmon, our Sale of Property chair, or Charlie Frost, the elder serving on this team.

Needless to say, this was received very well this past weekend!

Paula and our choir will be back in action this coming weekend. In spite of possible inclement weather, make plans to be here. You don’t want to miss any other exciting events and announcements! In spite of the weather, our attendance continues to surge forward. Parking space has become a problem again on Sundays, so we are reinstating our shuttle parking again from Welsh every Sunday now beginning this coming weekend. Please consider joining our choir, staff, and elders in parking there. Shuttle times are 7:30-9:00am, 10:15-10:45am, and Noon-12:30. We are now shuttling with a new 15 passenger van (that is warm!) that will drop you off at the front door.

One other way to help create space on Sundays is for you to make a switch to the Saturday night service. May I encourage you to consider this even this coming weekend? The service format and elements are exactly the same and good seats and parking spots are available. There is even a special appetizer/dessert nite planned after services on March 13! This one hour service starts at 5:00pm and children’s programming is offered just like on Sunday.

See you this coming weekend as we plow ahead in love.


P.S.  We had a wonderful young lady who visited last Sunday. Her name is Betsy and she is deaf. We are in great need of someone who can sign for Betsy (and probably some others soon) for the 2nd service this coming Sunday. If you know of anyone who can do this and could volunteer to minister in this area, please contact the office.


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