What Jesus would NOT do

We are engaged in a giant Love Revolution in this local church here at Whitewater Crossing. Almost daily I hear someone share a story about their mission of mercy and radical love. And people of all ages are participating!

Lorie in our church shared about her tucking her 10-year-old son, Aidan, in bed. Before praying with him, he shared with her about how he is being a chaplain at his school. Aidan is in the 4th grade and there is a boy in his class that Aidan says makes random loud noises for no reason. The other kids laugh at him and call him weird. They won’t let him play with them during recess and won’t include him on group assignments, but Aidan knowing what it is like to be made fun of, has befriended this boy. He sits with him during indoor recess, includes him in discussions, and talks to him during lunch. Lars recently called the house and invited Aidan to his birthday party and Aidan is going!

Lorie explained to Aidan why his friend at school made those noises (Tourettes Syndrome), and told him that his friend couldn’t help it. He’s not trying to be disruptive, it’s just that his brain is wired differently than most people’s, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings like everyone else. Lorie told her son how proud she was of him for showing compassion to a small boy desperately in need of a Love Revolution. She also encouraged him to continue seeking out other kids like this that no one else thinks are worth knowing, and share God’s love by just being their friend.

Way to go Aidan (and mom and dad)!  Isn’t this just like Jesus? Jesus would NOT ostracize or marginalize someone who was ‘less than’ by the world’s standards. He is an equal-opportunity-lover!

Famous preacher Charles H. Spurgeon told the story about a trip he took into the country to enjoy the sights and smells of farm life. He noticed an unusual weather vane mounted on a farmer’s barn. The vane pictured a large arrow on the side of which were the words, “God is Love.” Curious about what it meant, Spurgeon turned in at the gate and went searching for the farmer. Finally connecting with him, Spurgeon asked, “What do you mean by that? Do you think God’s love is changeable; that it veers about as that arrow turns in the wind?” The farmer replied, “Oh, no! I mean that whichever way the wind blows, God is still love.”

Whatever way God turns you this week (or this year), demonstrate you are His chaplain and show radical love to the least, the last, and the lost.

Are you ready for our 2nd annual Fish Fry? It is on Friday, March 26, and the purpose is not to eat fish, but to fish for men! We are providing this seasonal opportunity for you to invite your family/friends to an event at our building where they will not only enjoy some great food, but hear about the Easter services in a non-threatening way. Your help is needed with some critical elements for the Fish Fry. We need:

· 12 propane tanks (filled) which are needed to fuel the fryers. They can be brought the morning of the 26th and placed just outside the Shipping/Receiving area. (Please place your name on the tank.)

· Plenty of bottled water will be needed. These can be brought in beginning next week and left in room 136.  (Sign up at the Welcome Center beginning this weekend to help with propane and/or water.)

· Tickets for the fish fry will go on sale this weekend. Although it is not necessary to buy your ticket in advance, doing so will not only help expedite your order, it will help us gauge the amount of food needed. (There will be a table in the rear of the Worship Center for the presale of tickets.)

Speaking of Easter weekend, we are planning and praying for the Holy Spirit to work in an amazing way through our 4 weekend services. (We’ll be polling you this weekend to see which service you and your family think you will be attending.) Easter Invite cards will be in the bulletin for you to use this weekend.  Although we are doing many things to advertise Easter services, you inviting someone you already know is the BEST way by far! If you truly love people – you will find a way (no matter how nervous it makes you!), to invite them to attend. Please pray for God to reveal the person or persons He wants you to speak to. Remember – Jesus would NOT be silent!

This coming weekend at Whitewater will be special. National Christian recording artist John Starnes will be at each of our services and I will be preaching a message on how Jesus calls us to NOT play it safe! It’s gonna be exciting! (For those of you who attend on Saturday night, don’t forget it is dessert/appetizer night after service too!)

This weekend we also want to restock our food pantry (they are feeding dozens of needy people this month!), so bring your non-expired canned food items and simply leave on the ground behind your car in a plastic bag. Someone will pick them up in the lot. It really is exciting to see us moving out in very tangible and compassionate ways. Keep it up!

Keep on doing a good job shuttling from Welsh too! With attendance over a thousand again last weekend we need every space! Gary Clark tells me that we parked 40 cars across the street!

See you this weekend for a risky message! For you Sunday attendees, don’t forget to set your clock forward Saturday night!


P.S. Please lift up Anita Green and the Cinderella Project Team this week. This Saturday is the awesome Day of Pampering where they will lavish love on dozens of girls (and guys) who need Love of another kind!


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