Will Easter move YOU?!?!?


Our annual Fish Fry is coming up a week from Friday (March 26, 4-8pm). We have the best Fish Fry team ever assembled! (We still need propane tanks and bottled water.) Buy a ticket at the Fish Fry table this coming weekend for you, your family, and a friend.

I challenge you to take a relational risk and invite someone you already know to join us on Easter weekend. Please don’t think you are imposing or intruding!!! People will thank you later for taking a risk for them.

The Kingdom of God has always moved forward on the power of inviting. In John 1:41 it says that as soon as Andrew heard about Jesus, the first thing he did was to find his brother and bring him to Jesus.  Andrew was always bringing someone to Jesus. God is ready, willing, able and more enthusiastic than we can begin to imagine to connect with our friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family (yes, even Uncle Bill, that irritating alcoholic you have given up on long ago!)

There are two kinds of Inviters:

1.      Natural Born Inviters. These people seem to just come home from the maternity wing with a sense of how to throw a party! Inviting comes easy to them. They are usually extroverts and don’t have to be taught, they just know how. Perhaps this is you, but the majority of people are not NBIs! (Natural Born Inviters)

2.      Learned Inviters. Those of us in this category (usually introverts) will need to aspire to learn the skill of becoming an inviter. Just because we are not ‘wired to invite’ doesn’t excuse us from doing so.  

Here are 4 simple practices to learn how to invite: 

1. Show and Tell Works Well… Tell It Like It Is Though.

Be real about who you are and what God has done in you. Be yourself. We are to be normal (a new normal), but not weird. People universally love to engage with others who are genuine, kind, generous, and good listeners. Stuttering and stammering that is real is far more beautiful than clear speech that is inauthentic. Make no mistake – pre-believers can spot a phony from light years away.

2. Don’t Grow Weary Of Repeating Your Story.

You will find yourself re-telling your powerful Jesus story in a variety of ways over many years. Don’t fret. Many people make significant life changes because of a powerful story they see or hear. When you grow weary remind yourself, “This is just what inviters do.”     

3. Remember What Works Best Around ‘These Parts’.

What works in other cities may or may not work in Cincinnati. Use words and phrases that will resonate with those who live in Greater Cincinnati. A majority of people you will invite for Easter may come from a Catholic background and many will be non-practicing right now and open to an invite. You will also meet some who come from a Protestant background and are currently seeking a church.

Talk about Jesus and the church at Whitewater being about “relationships, and not religion”, about “grace and not guilt.”  Talk about how valuable it is to hear the Bible taught with application. Share how much their children will love “Harbortown” and be well-taken care of. Let them know about the music, worship, and how attending services here is a “get-to thing” and not a “got-to thing.”

These phrases are worth memorizing if you are part of Whitewater Crossing. We have found them to connect deeply with the people of this part of the tri-state area. Continue to listen to your unchurched or de-churched friends. Watch what is up with their hearts. Become fully fluent! 

4. Love Them Regardless of Whether They Attend.

The Love Revolution we are on this year is designed for you to simply love people. Period. Sometimes people will respond back and sometimes they will not. That’s OK. Your job is to love them; it is God’s job to change them. You will share your story many more times than you will see immediate responses, so don’t grow weary in sowing relational and conversational seeds.   

Our Simple Easter 2010 Request is this: Jump on board over the next 16 days as a “Full-time, bona fide, radar is stuck-in-the-on-position inviter!” Real people will be in a real heaven because you did!!!     

Thank you for inviting, serving, and giving so the Kingdom of God can ROCK this world! And the one who gets blessed the most is us! I received the following email from a member:   


Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you an interesting story. I have been a member at WCCC for about a year now and I have been tithing faithfully and I tell you it seems like blessings just fall from the sky. I have to laugh. We have not had an income tax return in about 5 years! We just had our taxes done this past Wednesday and for the first time we are receiving a considerable return. And the agent even said it was partially due to the tithe given to church. That is pretty amazing! I want to say thank you to everyone at WCCC. It is an amazing place and I am glad to be part of it. I pray for you and the leaders every day.

Let Him move you right now – even in tax season!



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