It’s here!

Well – it’s here! The weekend we will collectively celebrate the day that changed human history. The day that credentialed who Jesus was and where we will be when we die too. Have you made a special effort to invite someone to experience Jesus in worship this coming weekend? Man, what are you waiting for!!  Easter is about so much more than bunnies, eggs, and candy! I recently read that Americans will spend almost $2 billion just on Easter candy! Something, someone, is much better and sweeter.

Be a wise, persistent, and winsome Easter Inviter! Text, email, mail, call, or hand deliver an invite in the next 48 hours. We have been praying over here at the building for names at the foot of the cross. Will you take a moment on Good Friday and pray too wherever you are?! Let’s covenant together to pray for God to move people to come through our invitations and for the Holy Spirit to move during all the services. This is the moment to pull the trigger and invite! Don’t be afraid of intruding – take the risk! Don’t be weird, but be bold!

A huge thanks to all our Fish Fry personnel who executed this year’s Outreach Fish Fry with amazing success. Many, many invitations and conversations were had at the Fry this year with people who have never been in our building before.(See pictures below)

Last weekend at our services I interviewed Michele Haas about an upcoming opportunity to lavish Revolutionary love on families with Special Needs children through a special “Respite Night” on Friday night, May 14th from 6-9pm. There are over 4700 children in Hamilton County with Special Needs. Michele shared an alarming statistic that we want to help remedy. Because of the daily issues and stress level present in these families, 85% of marriages that have children with special needs end in divorce! Let’s do our part to change that!! You may resister to help and get more information through our website (click on-line registration). Also check our

An exciting new Bible Study for Young Adults is launching soon too! Beginning April 11th at 6:00pm they will be journeying through a 4 week DVD/Discussion based study called “Keep Climbing.” Coffee and Acoustic worship will start things off. More details and video at Young Adult Bible Study.

We also have a very impressive Concert Choir from Cincinnati Christian University coming our way on Friday, April 9th at 7pm to present Unquenchable, A Worship Experience. (click here for concert choir info.) Mark that evening on your calendar. There is no admission charge, but a love offering will be received.

There are so many reasons to praise God and so many ways to get plugged into WCCC on this Love Revolution! Don’t miss out. If you’re already engaged, don’t grow weary in doing well! Stay at it. Don’t give up!

Have you ever heard of Lieutenant Hirro Onada? He was the last Japanese soldier to surrender after World War II. He was left on the island Lubang in the Philippines in 1944, along with three other soldiers. They were left with the command to “carry on the mission even if Japan surrenders.” Eventually the others were killed or surrendered. But Onada continued his war alone.

Through the years, he ignored messages from loudspeakers announcing Japan’s surrender. Leaflets were dropped in the jungle begging him to surrender so he could return to Japan. But he didn’t quit. More than half a million dollars were spent trying to locate him and convince him to surrender. Finally, on March 10, 1974, Onada surrendered his rusty sword after receiving a personal command from his former superior officer. His lonely war was finally over and he finally returned home at the age of 52!

Our orders are to continue the good fight of faith till our commanding officer calls us home. Continue to send me the ways God is using you as a chaplain these days. Many of you are way ahead of me this year! Keep it up. Don’t give up!

See you this weekend as we celebrate the one who fought and defeated death so we didn’t have to!


P.S. A big thanks to our Whitewater Crossing Rt. 128 cleanup crew led by Dennis Esterkamp. He and his awesome team of servants recently picked up trash all along our adopted highway on Rt. 128. Thanks for setting such a great example of love revolution in action!


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