Park and Putt with the Pastor

Believe it or not, we need more parking at the church! Again. Less than a year ago we installed a 2nd  lot, and with more attendance growth (our year-to-date average is nearly 1000 a weekend now!), parking on Sundays is again a wonderful problem to have (even with several dozen who shuttle park each week from across the street at Welsh).

In order to alleviate this problem before fall arrives (and with it even more people attending/visiting), the Elders and Finance Team have approved a unique fundraiser we are calling “Park and Putt with the Pastor.” On Monday, August 2nd, yours truly will attempt to golf 100 holes in a single day! I will be seeking donors who will sponsor me a certain amount for each hole I play that day – all of which will go towards this new parking lot. This event will occur at Fernbank Golf and Tennis Club in Saylor Park where we have reserved the entire course for the entire day. (I have also recruited 11 other golfers to play 9 holes each with me and also raise funds themselves.)

This will kill 2 birds with one stone – I will get to play some golf, (albeit more than normal!), and we can raise enough money in one day for this new lot. To get this done, we will need many donors and volunteers who are available to work during the day on that Monday. (Rain date is August 9.) A list of volunteers needed is below. Please contact the office to sign up. A “volunteer & hole donor” insert will also be in the bulletin this weekend to utilize. Begin to think now about how much you would be willing to sponsor me per hole.

The size and scope of the new parking lot will be determined by the amount raised. The best bid we received to grade, gravel, pave, and line a 63 car lot was $61,332. A 91 car lot is $92,164; so you see that to accomplish this successfully we will need to collectively realize around $600-$900 a hole (over 100 holes). Can you pray about what God would lead you to do? Perhaps your family could even be the sponsor for 1 entire hole ($600-$900) of the 100 played. (Monies will not be due till after the event is completed.) Remember – it’s not about golf or even blacktop – it’s about people who will get to heaven because they found a place to park this fall.

Volunteers needed: (Besides Hole Donors)

·         Prayer Partners who will pray each day for 30 days prior to the event for God to bless it with donors (and give me physical stamina!)

·         Refreshment table workers (provide snacks/water to participants and observers).

·         Volunteers to tee up golf balls on the course and retrieve balls out of the hole.

·         Welcome/Check in table (and perhaps a nurse or doctor!).

Thanks in advance for your partnership and participation in this very unique event. Thanks too for your prayers for me as I start training! It’s not often you can combine golf and ministry, but this is one!



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