Getting older in Christ and life!

Last month I celebrated my 49th birthday. I was feeling older (especially after 100 holes of golf!) until I read that the Rolling Stones  are planning a final tour to coincide with their 50th anniversary as a rock band (1962-2012). Drummer Charlie Watts will turn 70 on the tour. Guitarist Ronnie Wood is now 63, and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger are both 66. They have to travel with ER equipment backstage in case  something happens! They still ain’t got no satisfaction!

Perhaps you are not too old to remember the feeling when you were picked for a team game in elementary school. Did you ever experience ‘making the cut’ for a play or for a sport?  Did you ever get elected to a leadership position? It feels great to be picked, selected, and chosen. Christians are chosen in Christ as Paul writes in the opening chapter of Ephesians in the New Testament. What does that mean? And how does that affect the way that I live? This fall our church is going to go on an eight week journey through the book of Ephesians called “In Christ.” The journey will take place from September 19th through November 13th and there are three main ways to travel on the journey.  First, come to a worship service each weekend for a sermon from Ephesians. Second, connect with other people in a small group and dig deeper in applying the truth of God’s Word.  Third, journey with God each day through a personal Ephesians Journal which will be available to everyone at the church.

As we look forward to this journey, at this time we are recruiting host homes and small group facilitators.  If you are interested in serving in that way, please contact James Hansee at as soon as possible. We will have sign-ups for small groups beginning on the weekend of August 21-22. It’s going to be a great journey as we study together in God’s Word and learn what it means to live “In Christ.”

Part of being “In Christ” means being in prayer, and we are recruiting more prayer partners. As the church increases in size, we want to also increase our protection and intersession. We want to be prayed for, not ‘preyed on”! The WCCC Prayer Ministry is a group of nearly 300 who commit to pray one day a week for God’s guidance and blessing for our church and leaders. If you are not currently involved in this ministry but would like to be, contact Joan Buffington at 513.481.5305 or Also, anyone who used to receive the prayer needs and has been dropped, please contact Joan so you can be re-added.

Speaking of prayer, I survived my 100 hole marathon (in fact, I was done by 3:45pm!) on a warm, but fantastic day. Thanks for all the prayers, encouragement, and work that day from a great team of volunteers who braved the heat to serve. We are tallying things up this week and will announce the Grand Total soon. Please bring your committed donations this weekend (made out to WCCC) and place in the offering. I averaged 32 strokes per 9 holes over the entire 100 holes, making 13 birdies and 1 eagle!

I’m all ready to do it again!



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