Crazy stuff at WCCC

We are in the middle of a series about love and relationships called “That crazy little thing called  love.” (You can check out the first 2 messages on Sexual and Emotional Love by clicking here).

We have talked about the unique ways (and temptations) of love that come our way as men and women. A recent survey of 3,000 US adults identifies what men and women say tempts them the most. Interested?

·         Sex:      Men (50%), Women (22%)

·         Food:    Men (29%), Women (56%)

·         Money:  Men (14%), Women (15%)

·         Alcohol: Men (7%),   Women (2%)

·         Power:   Men (2%),   Women 7%)

I have a great link that will help everyone seeking to understand and deal with the issues revealed in this survey. (Click here)

I also read a fascinating article (“What Else Could That Ring Buy?” by Laura Vanderkam) proposing a unique (and beneficial) alternative to the cost of a traditional wedding service. Vanderkam noted that the average couple spends $3,215 on an engagement ring and $2,036 on wedding bands. She uses these and other statistics to illustrate how we tend to stress the wedding event over the marriage itself. The $5,251 the average couple spends on rings could be viewed as 105 nights of paying $50 to a babysitter so you can have uninterrupted conversation or neck in your car like teenagers. The average $11,000-plus wedding reception bill could cover a cleaning service for the five sticky years many two-kid couples spend in the baby stage – when children spill milk just to see what will happen. The average $1,276 flower bill could be doled out as 127 $10 thinking-of-you bouquets offered once-a-month for a decade. Just a crazy thought!

Speaking of crazy good stuff:

·         A New parking lot is coming soon! Based on the generosity exhibited in the recent Park ‘n Putt with the Pastor event ($65,000 raised), the finance team and elders approved a new 91 car parking lot (paved) to be installed. Our leaders felt that since we already had the equipment on site to build a 63 car lot and the General Fund had a small surplus sufficient to cover the additional cost, it was prudent and cheaper to complete this now (instead of returning at a later date to add more.) This new lot will allow us to suspend shuttling from across the street and position us to accommodate increased growth this fall and beyond. In view of the maximum seating capacity in our building, this new lot should provide all the parking we will need until a phase 2 building is done. Your generous giving to the Park ‘n Putt event, as well as your excellent tithing to the General Fund, enabled us to do this!

·         Our annual Congregational Meeting is this Sunday, August 29, in-between the two services (we will begin 5 minutes after 1st service is over). There is nothing to be voted on this year – just great reports about how God is moving at WCCC. Please plan on attending! Congregational reports will also be shared after the Saturday service on August 28.

·         The Week of 200 barbecues is almost upon us! In order to reach out and extend the Love Revolution more, we are declaring the week of August 30 to September 6 (Labor Day) the week of 200 barbecues. We are asking if you would intentionally plan/host a cookout in your neighborhood for the purpose of inviting and building a relationship with your neighbors. Don’t preach – just use the event to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’). Our goal is 200, so please indicate on your Connection Card if you are willing/planning on doing that some day during that week.

We serve a God who is crazy about us. Let’s show this crazy love to others this week!



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