A September Surge at Whitewater

Fall programming is now in full swing and it’s going to be exciting. If you’re ready to grow, you’re in luck! This week (tonight!), we start our Fall Family Life Nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. There is something for children, teens, and adults!

This coming Sunday night is our Choir Homecoming Concert at 6:00pm. This weekend at services is your last opportunity to buy your tickets for $7 (will be $10 at the door). Get yours at the table in the Worship Center. Don’t forget that we also have another concert (an outdoor one) on Saturday, October 2nd at 2:00pm featuring GodSpeed3 (a contemporary Christian group). This is a great event ($5 admission) where all proceeds benefit the WCCC Food Pantry. (We are asking everyone to bring a non-perishable food item with them too.)

We also have several new classes starting this coming Sunday morning: Experiencing Christ at 9:00am (room 136) and God’s Design for Relationships class at 10:45am (room 135). We would encourage everyone who has not yet attended one of these classes to do so, even if you did not sign up. Our Ladies Bible Studies kick off this coming week, along with a new GriefShare group starting next Monday night at 6:30pm here at the church.

And perhaps best of all – On the weekend of September 18-19, we launch our much anticipated church-wide eight week Ephesians campaign. Lots of opportunities still exist to get connected in one of these small groups studying through this important biblical book. We have a number of openings in our Indiana groups, as well as groups meeting at the church here and even a group just for young adults (ages 17-25). You will not want to miss out on being a part of the Ephesians experience at WCCC! Each weekend at services we will be unpacking specific themes that coincide with these small groups.

Additionally, at the Ephesians sign-up tables this weekend, you can pick up your Ephesians Devotional Journal. This 40 day journal is for anyone who wants to study through the book of Ephesians whether or not you are in a group. The experience will be enhanced, however, if you team the Journal with participation in a small group. The Journal will begin on Monday, September 20th and will offer a great opportunity to grow through God’s Word.

They are putting the finishing touches on our brand new parking lot today and tomorrow, which means we will be able to start using it THIS WEEKEND! I encourage anyone who has been shuttling from across the street at Welsh (Yea God for you!), to begin utilizing this new lot starting this weekend. Since it is a good distance to walk, your faithful valet, Richard Creel, will still be back there to drop you off at the front door. We praise God for the monies generated/given from the Park ‘n Putt event which helped to make this new lot possible.

Speaking of walking, the annual Walk for Life, benefitting the Reach Out Pregnancy Center in Harrison, will be September 25th. I would love to see a team from Whitewater involved with this. If any of you have a heart for this pro-life ministry, please contact the office.

Attention students (and parents) – the annual ‘See you at the Pole’ event is coming up on Wednesday, September 22nd. Please see Anita Green or Terry Nelson for specific info on how to participate at YOUR school.

God is working and the Spirit is surging at Whitewater Crossing this fall. This weekend at services, I will give an update on how we are doing with our Love Revolution (with only 4 months left to go). Grab a friend and be there. Paula and our choir will be singing at all services. Now that’s what I call a ‘September Surge’!!

Speaking of our Love Revolution, last weekend we heard from 2 of our own who are heading out as missionaries on their own deployment. Jason Campbell (jason.campbell00@gmail.com), is going to Brazil and Brian Faust (faustbb@gmail.com) is going to Fiji. They are in need of prayer and financial support. Please consider this and email them so they can be deployed for God around the world.


P.S. The media is in a frenzy this week about the Gainesville, FL, pastor with plans to burn copies of the Quran this coming weekend at services despite widespread opposition and fears it will further incite violent extremists. I have been following this as it unfolds with interested eyes and several have asked me what I think about it. While I admire this pastor’s zeal, (and totally agree that the Quran is NOT the Word of God), it seems to me that a church should strive to be known for what it is for – not just for what it is against. Somehow this often gets lost. Our right position often evaporates because of our disposition. The challenge is to ‘speak the truth in love.’ That’s why the Love Revolution is so important for us. It demonstrates what our church is known for in our community. If nothing else, this shows that even small churches (this church has attendance around 50), can create a huge buzz when they are passionate about what they believe! What are your thoughts?


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