Treasure Hunting

Last weekend, we launched our brand new series on Ephesians called “In Christ.” Hundreds are meeting now in small groups this week discussing the first chapter of this great book. (I am hearing some awesome stories about this!) I shared last weekend in my sermon introduction about how Christians have many spiritual treasures they posses and don’t even realize!

This week I read about a family in the southern USA facing the all too common and painful task of having to pack their household belongings in the face of an impending foreclosure. With sad thoughts of having to leave the homestead that had been in the family since the 1950’s, there was little to hope for. No presidential pardon or bailout could save them. That which they had feared the most had come upon them; it was simply time to go.

As they sifted through boxes in the basement, an unexpected treasure was found in the form of eight or nine rare comic books. Most of them were worth between $10 and $30, but ABC News reported that one of them was an extreme rarity. Dated June 1938, it depicted Superman lifting a car above his head. It was considered to be the one comic book that ushered in the age of the superhero and it’s estimated to be worth about $250,000! As ABC pointed out, Superman really saved the day! If this doesn’t get you to clean the attic, what will?

The answer to their dilemmas had been sitting in the basement all the while they wept and worried. Sometimes we just don’t know what we already have in our possession: the promise and the privilege of our relationship to the King of Kings and his Kingdom. Before we fret about anything or worry about what we don’t have, it will do us well to look hard within that which we do possess. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”

Our treasure is neither in the cellar, nor the attic, nor a field, but right in our own hearts. Read Ephesians 2 before this coming weekend and join us as we go treasure hunting!

I am pleased to report that last Saturday morning $1600 dollars was raised for the Food Pantry at the first annual Jack Eick Memorial golf tourney! (See pictures of players below.) A huge thanks to Charlie Howard and Mark Koerner for organizing this so well!

Speaking of the Food Pantry – don’t forget about the outdoor concert being planned on Saturday, October 2nd, from 2-5pm to benefit the Food Pantry (right before the Saturday night service). Godspeed3 will be providing the music, and there will be crafts and food.

This coming Saturday, September 25th, I ask that many of you men answer the call from Kenny Schmidt to help clear/build a new Prayer Path, which will include 7 prayer stations, on the back part of our property. Contact Ken at 513.236.5037 or to volunteer. Items that would be helpful include bobcats, backhoes, bush hog, dump truck, flatbed truck, mulcher, chainsaws,  shovels, rakes and people!

Speaking of exercise and physical activity – our next Rt. 128 Trash Pickup Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th, in the morning. (Circle the date and join The Love Revolution!) And Friday night basketball (for men 16 and older) also resumes Friday night, October 1st, at 7pm.

God is at work in so many ways inside and outside WCCC. Can’t wait to hear about “See You at the Pole” this morning. Please send me those stories – we can’t get enough. If you hosted a barbeque at your house the week of Labor Day, we especially want to hear from you!

See you this weekend for the treasure of community, worship, and more! Denver Bierman will be leading us in worship and best of all, the Holy Spirit will be here too because you are!


P.S.  Work has begun on the turning lane in front of our entrance. This is exciting, but will likely test our patience as it will take approximately 6 weeks to get this project completed. Perhaps leave 5 minutes earlier this weekend for service to allow for unexpected delays. You’ll get here on time and be able to get a good seat!


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