Submitting to THE Leader

Last Monday night the Giants clinched the baseball World Series. Last weekend we also talked about the importance of submitting to one another in the home, the marketplace, and the church.  These two events reminded me of a story that ties into both.

Reggie Jackson is known for having played baseball for the Oakland A’s, but for a short time, he also played a year for the Baltimore Orioles. Earl Weaver, the Orioles manager, had an interesting rule – he wouldn’t allow a player to try to steal a base without first receiving the sign from him. Of course, this was an affront to a temperamental ego like Reggie Jackson. One time he didn’t receive the steal sign, but Reggie took off for second base anyway. He slid in, barely beating the tag. As he brushed himself off, he smiled and kind of glared at Earl Weaver in the dugout, proud of his accomplishment.

After the game was over, Weaver pulled Jackson aside. “Reggie, I want you to know why I didn’t give you the steal sign. Our best power hitter, next to you, is Lee May. (Some Reds fans will remember Lee!) May was at the plate when you were on first base. When you stole second, that left first base open and so they intentionally walked him. The next batter hadn’t had much success against that pitcher. That meant that I had to put in a pinch hitter for him. This left me with insufficient bench strength should the game go into extra innings, which it did, and I think that’s why we lost.”

Do you see the difference? Reggie Jackson wanted to steal a base; Earl Weaver wanted to win the ball game. Submitting to a leader is vital, both in and out of the church, if we are to win the world for Christ.

Have you submitted your schedule yet to attend our annual Thanksgiving Banquet at The Woodlands on November 14th? If not, the RSVP deadline is two days away (Friday, November 5), so PLEASE contact the office today (by phone, email, or online registration). We absolutely want everyone who calls this their church home to be there to celebrate 2010 and plan for 2011.

We finish our study of Ephesians this coming weekend and I believe you will LOVE being here. Invite and bring a friend! Paula and the choir will be leading us in worship and we will be focusing on being ‘Strong in Christ’ by putting on our spiritual armor. We will (weather permitting) be dedicating and using the new Hockley Prayer Garden right after each service. I will also be announcing a new initiative which will position us to finish out the Love Revolution in a strong way. For the months of November and December we are going to actually give money away each week to worthy (and needy) people sending out ripples of blessing and love to our community. I cannot wait for you to hear about “The Dollar Difference” we will be able to make in real lives!!

Can’t wait for The Down East Boys concert either on Saturday evening, November 13 at 6:30pm (right after the Saturday service that night). If you love Southern Gospel music, you will love this! (As with Michael O’Brien, no tickets are required for this Encore concert.)

Our elders and staff have been busy planning, discussing, programming, and budgeting for 2011. Thanks for your prayers. 2011 will be a year where we will truly submit to One and see the power of ‘the One.’

See you soon!



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