I bring you good news of GREAT Joy!

Hope your Advent season has launched in an exciting and meaningful way. Last weekend we had the first sermon (and the first snow!) in our December series What Christmas Love Means. We heard again the story of Joseph’s Love for Mary and this coming weekend we’ll hear of “Mary’s Love for Joseph.”

December is a time when we hear the words of the angel – “I bring you good news of great joy.”  Well, this week I want to share some other news of great joy regarding our staff. With the elders’ approval of our 2011 General Fund budget ($1,380,588) last Saturday, The Elder Compensation Team and I are pleased to announce several permanent staff positions regarding three previously interim personnel.

We have called Anita Green to be our full-time Director of Middle and High School Ministries. Anita has been leading our Middle School ministry (5th-8th grade) and has done an incredible job. Her current area of oversight will be expanded to include High School Ministries as well (9th-12th). With the growth of the church, we feel a full-time person is needed in student ministry and Anita’s gifts and passion are a perfect match for this. Please pray for Anita as she transitions from her marketplace job and begins here in January.

On January 1st, Terry Nelson will be transitioning out of his interim High School Ministry position and working part-time (12 hours a week) as our new Director of Sports Ministry. I believe this better matches Terry’s gifts and skills (his UC basketball background helps, too) and he will be tasked with laying the foundation/structure needed for our rapidly expanding Sports Ministries at WCCC. You’ll be hearing more about Sports Ministry and the outreach opportunities that exist which Terry will be quarterbacking in coming days.

I am also pleased to share that on January 1st, Adam Bockhorst will become a permanent member of our staff (25 hours a week), as our Minister of  Counseling and Recovery. Adam has been serving on an interim basis since September in this capacity and has proven himself to be an invaluable resource to help the hurting both in and out of the church.

We officially welcome Anita, Terry, and Adam as members of our staff team for 2011. Along with the quality staff we already have in place, we will be well positioned to sustain and support the growth we are praying God will provide in 2011. We are currently conducting interviews with selected candidates for Director of Pastoral Care and Volunteer Involvement (Gary Clark’s former position), and hope to make an announcement regarding that by the end of the year. Please pray for this process.

I also bring good news of great joy regarding the continued generosity demonstrated by the church family this past weekend. The dollars continue to pour in for our ‘Dollar Difference’ recipients and over 100 ornaments were taken from the Giving Trees. THANK YOU! More than 100 children and families will be blessed by your revolutionary love! Please bring the item you selected back this coming weekend (unwrapped) and drop off at the Welcome Center. If you weren’t here to get an ornament, there are still some families on our list that you can help. Purchase a $25 gift card from Wal-mart, Target, etc. and bring that to the Welcome Center this weekend.

We had a great response this past weekend from our Serving Tree. We had over 80 volunteer positions on the tree in four main areas (children, students, facilities and first impressions). After one weekend, we had 26 ornaments turned in! We will keep the Serving Tree up for the next two weekends for others who need/want to volunteer. We rejoice that God is moving people to give, grow, and serve at WCCC! This is what Christmas Love means.

Isn’t being the church so much better than just attending a church!? Many of us are discovering this – and that is good news of great joy!  Use that Christmas at Whitewater invite card to do your best inviting this month.

We’ll see you this weekend for more good news. I see from the extended forecast that possible snow/winter weather might be arriving again this weekend. (That’s NOT good news of joy!) It would have to be pretty bad for us to cancel a service, but please utilize the church website to be apprised and informed: Website: http://www.whitewatercrossing.org (An announcement will appear on the Home Page) and/or TV Channels 5, 9, 12, 19.

See you soon!


P.S. Congrats and thanks to our choir and Whitewater Dessert Theater leadership team for an outstanding event last Sunday night. Wow, has God blessed us with some amazing talent! Jesus was lifted up and we had dozens of first-time guests in attendance who had never been to our campus before.


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