One Matters! (Just ask Colts fans!) Especially this year. Yesterday was even 1.11.11!! Last weekend I introduced our overall church-wide theme (click here for link to message) for 2011. This New Year will be all about the One.

In November 2010, a wedding party in Gelnelg, Australia, was unexpectedly called into action right after the wedding ceremony. While they were posing for pictures on a scenic ledge, a woman unrelated to the wedding fell into the water and started drowning. Dressed in his tuxedo, the best man jumped in and brought the woman back toward shore. Then the bride, a trained nurse, waded into the water and started administering CPR. By the time the Surf Life Saving volunteers arrived, the woman had regained consciousness. But according to one safety official, “The victim was very lucky that the bridal party was there and they acted quickly and got her to the shallows.” After the daring rescue operation, the drenched but heroic best man and the bride happily rejoined the wedding reception and continued with the festivities.

In some ways, this unusual event serves as a great image for our vision for the One. Saving people one-by-one is the calling of every local church: we’re dressed up for a party (celebrating worship), but at the same time we’re also prepared to dive into mission, even when it’s inconvenient  and dangerous. We can’t change the whole world, but we CAN change the world for one person. Because One matters to Him and to us.

This year of one will help us bring focus to our work. I received an email about our ‘One’ theme from one of our members who is a great organizational thinker. He said “I really enjoyed the intro sermon yesterday to the “One” theme. It sparked a lot of ideas. One of the most powerful things that an individual or an organization can do is focus in on one area and work towards perfecting/ implementing it. (This is the power of small!!) The person (or organization) who tries to be excellent in all areas of opportunity may fail to ever cultivate any individual idea or activity to an extent where they achieve success. If they are working on a number of things at the same time – they may all get done, but may be done with mediocrity.” Agreed!

We had a great crowd for the resuming of our Saturday night service last weekend. Way to go Saturday night crowd! Would there be ‘one more’ from the 10:45 am Sunday service who would be willing to switch to Saturday? You can be the first to taste our new and improved coffee this weekend. Paula and the choir are up this weekend and we are going to focus on “The Power of One Hour of Worship.”

Don’t forget that we are relocating some things in our Atrium beginning this weekend to be more strategic with our space. (Man, this church facility has shrunk since we moved in 3 years ago!)

– All requests for sermon CDs will be at the Welcome Center now.
– Ministry signups will be at the yellow kiosk on the left before you enter the Worship Center.
(The Dating, Sex, and Life Choices event signup will be there this weekend.)

– Online signups for other events and activities will be at the Welcome Center.
– Artists-in-Residence CDs will be available for purchase in the Book Nook.

– Greeters/ushers will check in at the corner of the Welcome Center.
– Children’s check-in kiosks will be stationed throughout the building instead of just one

Thanks again for your flexibility as we grow! We had almost 1100 in attendance last weekend, but the most important number is ‘1’!


P.S. Our spring semester of Family Life Nights begins on Wednesday, February 2 at WCCC. Full programming will be offered for children, teens and adults and we hope many families will participate. Sign-ups for all groups and activities will begin the weekend of Jan. 22. We have made some changes to the Family Life Night schedule. It will be:

6:15 to 6:45 – family/student dinner (no charge, donations accepted)
7:00 to 8:00 – full programming for all age groups
8:00 to 9:00 – childcare offered, but limited to children of parents in specific elective groups.
In order to make this semester of Life Nights totally awesome, we are looking for adults (and families) to coordinate and prepare meals. If you can serve in this way, please contact Anita Green ( or James Hansee ( and we are confident that you will be blessed.


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