A super weekend

Per the message last weekend, how are you doing this week in spending 1 hour a day in the Word of God to experience the Power of God? Several of you have emailed to tell me you are – Awesome! If not, why not try it for the next 4 days and join the rest of us. What do you have to lose? Come on now – I know some of you spend at least an hour on Facebook each day – well, get your face in His Book!

The great weekly magazine, The Christian Standard (available in the Atrium brochure racks) has declared 2011 “The Year of the Bible” and as such has at least one article each week about how to grow in your study of the Bible. Check it out when you get some of that new (and better) coffee!

This coming weekend, we will focus on ‘The Power of Prayer’ with Denver Bierman and our choir leading us in worship. Please bring your most urgent prayer request with you to services this coming weekend. We’ll provide a wonderful opportunity for you to lay it at the throne room of God. I know the Super Bowl is Sunday night (GO GREEN BAY!), but the real action this weekend will be in worshipping and connecting with our great God!

Speaking of this weekend, for those faithful folks who have been shuttling from the back lot, we have decided to suspend the shuttling on Sunday morning by Richard Creel till warranted again. With the addition of our new lot, we have plenty of spaces (for now) in the lot for both visitors and members. You may still park in the back rows if you want – we won’t be disappointed! A big thanks to Richard for his faithful service to the church family and to those who’ve been shuttling.

The response for our upcoming purity weekend for our students (Dating, Sex, and Life Choices) has been outstanding. Because of the response, our team could use some more help setting up for the luncheon on Saturday, February 12. Helpers would need to be here at 9:30 am to set up tables/chairs for lunch along with table clothes and decorations. To serve please email Susan Humbert at susan.humbert@discernity.com .

Hey – are you going to eat at LaRosa’s on Rapid Run tomorrow to help the Cinderella Project?? This wonderful ministry and partner of WCCC helps lavish love on girls who might not be able to go to their prom. In the process they get introduced to the real Prince of Peace! LaRosa’s on Rapid Run has graciously agreed to donate 15% of all sales tomorrow (presented with the WCCC flyer in last weekend’s bulletin) back to WCCC for The Cinderella Project. Make plans (and invite your friends) to eat at LaRosa’s tomorrow for great food and a great cause!

Family Life Night events and activities launch tonight at the church. Wow! What a smorgasbord of spiritual growth opportunities for people of all ages! Visit our website (www.whitewatercrossing.org) for details and registration.

I’ve been tracking the emerging story of Fox not allowing a 30 second commercial to run this Sunday night during the Super Bowl. The commercial, which encourages viewers to check out John 3:16, was deemed too offensive to show. (Interesting and timely in light of my message last weekend on the power of one Scripture!) Offensive? Wow! Guess those risqué, sensual, beer drinking ads promoting behavior of all kinds is not. That says a lot about our culture. A culture that is desperately searching for a truth to believe in. Something that applies to Packers AND Steelers fans. Something that can only be found in one book – the Bible.

We’ll study it this weekend…



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