No Lyin’

So – How’s it going with the lying this week! (Homework from last weekend’s message.)  How many days did you make it!?

The truth about lies is a little hard to believe. According to Reader’s Digest:

64% called in sick at work when not ill
65% take office supplies for home use
18% fudge on their resumes
50% walk away from cashiers with too much change
13% have shifted blame to a co-worker
71% lie when they compliment a family member or friend’s appearance
32% lie to their spouses about purchases
37% downloaded music from the Internet without paying for it

There is power in our words. Let’s commit to be people of honesty and integrity 52 weeks a year! Our series continue this coming weekend. Now that school is back in session for everyone, no excuses (or lies!) for you not to attend.

FORE! (That’s 1 word that will get your attention!) If you are a golfer, the Second Annual Jack Eick Memorial Golf Outing will be Sept. 18, 2011, 8:00am at Miami Whitewater Golf Course. I will be rotating through all foursomes so I get a chance to meet everyone. The outing will be a 9-hole scramble with four man teams. Each player will pay green fees of $15.75 to walk or $23.00 to ride. In addition, each player is asked to make a generous donation to our food pantry. Make checks payable to WCCC. Sign up in the Welcome Center as teams or individuals or by calling Mark Koerner (513-574-4946) or Charlie Howard (513-941-1363).

There is power in one question too! WCCC’s fall small group campaign, The Power of 1 Question, begins on September 18th. This coming weekend you will have an opportunity to sign up and connect to a small group. Please check out the bulletin insert which will have a list of all the open groups and then at the end of the service, an opportunity will be given to talk to some of our small group hosts that fit your geographic location/available time. And it is not too late if you would like to serve as a small group host and invite some of your friends to connect and study with you. If you are interested in that, please contact/speak with James Hansee.

As we prepare for even more new people this fall, our facilities ministry has scheduled a “Sparkle Day” on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 9am-noon. We’d like to clean the entire building, and we’re asking each class or small group to take responsibility for the area where they meet. Most rooms/areas should be able to be cleaned in an hour or two. Plan on coming over that morning to help keep this great building appealing and beautiful!

That’s it for this week.


P.S. Our prayers/thoughts go out this week to those in Virginia (my adopted home state), and bordering states who were affected by the earthquake yesterday. Someone said that the earthquake in Washington really was the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves!! (That may not be a lie!)


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