Wrap up and ramp up

What an outstanding Christmas weekend we had! Can I brag on the staff and volunteer teams we have here? They were simply fantastic in coordinating our four services. From the platform – to the tech booth – to the serving, Jesus was proclaimed with joy, variety, and power. Our final count was 1747 for the weekend! (We had to place people in an overflow room at the 3pm service!) We also had 17 people make decisions for baptism/membership. It’s been a long time since I was able to have Christmas weekend off, (thank you) and as I sat with my family at the 5pm service, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, and pride for what God is doing in our church.

The staff is busy evaluating and collecting thoughts so we can be even better next year. (We know our overflow room technology can be improved.) We have truly entered a new level at WCCC and have much to do in 2012 to capitalize on the momentum the Spirit has sent. I can’t wait to get to work!

I am preparing a report for our staff/elders about the things I learned this year as the Senior Minister of this growing church. I will share many of those with you in coming days. We averaged 1205 in weekend attendance for the last quarter of 2011 (1125 for the whole year), with over 300 decisions of baptism/membership. We are humbled, blessed, and inspired.

And I can’t wait to tell you some of our plans for 2012! We will be sharing them at our church-wide Vision Nite at The Woodlands on Sunday, January 8, at 6pm. Have you made your reservation to the office yet? If you haven’t already told us you are coming, can you hit reply right now and let us know you’ll be there? The event is absolutely free, but we do need you to RSVP so we know how many are coming. Childcare is available too if you make a reservation. If you were one of those 300+ who made a membership or baptism decision here at WCCC in 2011, we especially want you there! We want to celebrate and honor your huge step.

You will see several new initiatives rolling out early in 2012. We have a brand new bulletin look/ format in the works, as well as a new data management system (Fellowship 1) we are transitioning to. Eventually the Direct from David emails will be processed through this new program. If you live out of town (or live in the area, but don’t attend WCCC) and you want to continue receiving my weekly email, please notify the office so that your name/email address can be migrated to this new program.

This coming weekend is one of my favorites all year – our annual “Ask the Preacher” service. I (as well as James and Tyler) will try to field as many questions from the congregation as time permits at each service. Any question is fair game! Think now about what question you always wanted to ask a preacher. You’ll be able to text in your question or go ‘old school’ and write it on a paper during the service. If you’re in town this weekend, bring your family with you – it’s always a unique (and often humorous) time! We return to our normal weekend schedule this coming weekend – Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45am. Come and ring in this exciting New Year with God and us!



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