Exciting problems and opportunities ahead

Hi Friends.

How’s your New Year going?

We are off and rolling with exciting UNfactor things. If you were not able to hear the message last weekend on Daniel – The UNfactor, listen to it on our website. (All three Q & A sessions from New Year’s weekend are posted there.) The Vision Night talk I gave last Sunday night at the Woodlands will also be posted there soon. We had a great evening.

I shared several thoughts (I call them learnings) that night. One big one is that we must find a way to create seats and spaces at the 10:45 Sunday service! We were maxed out last Sunday and had to bring out overflow chairs and there were -0- parking spaces left. That’s right. 0. While this is very exciting, without creating space, we have now maxed out our ability to grow anymore at this service. If you attend this service, you know what I mean! Could I sincerely ask you to consider attending the 9am service or the Saturday night service? The Saturday service grew 20% last year, but there is still plenty of room there. We are researching all possibilities to address this great problem, including adding an additional service on Sunday this fall, but until that time I need some help. I’m not asking because it’s convenient, but because we need it to reach more people for Christ. It will assist us greatly in creating maximum space at this optimum time. I know some of you have a class at an hour that prohibits you from switching, but many of you could do this. Thanks.

I shared several staff items for 2012 too. Terri Beth Faust has been brought on full-time in 2012 in Children’s Ministry, (you probably didn’t know she was part-time, huh!?). We have also approved bringing on two new additional part-time staff in 2012 (a Director of Communications and a Director of Small Groups) which will greatly assist us in getting to new levels of excellence. We hope to bring the Communication person on line in March and the Small Groups person in July. We are currently accepting resumes for the Director of Communications, and will begin interviewing candidates over the next several weeks. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to the church office (attn: Phil Coleman). For more information (i.e., job qualifications/ description), contact Phil at pcoleman@whitewatercrossing.org.

Look for many other Unbelievable plans we have for outreach and discipleship this year. I can’t wait for you to hear what we’re cooking on for Easter on April 8! We’re chasing something UNprecedented!  Some of those things will be publicized on a new permanent sign installed out on Rt. 128 that will display our large banners. This was provided by a very generous donor.

Our Men’s Ministry is launching the monthly Men’s Breakfast in a big way on January 21st.   Former Bengals kicker Jim Breech will be here to share. Dave Nash says that here is your chance to do some heavy inviting and enjoy some KICKIN FOOD as usual. Due to an expected large crowd, you need to sign up at the Ministry Center, email the church office, or online. Please do so by Jan 16th. They have also removed the 16-year-old age restriction, so sons can come as well. Child Care is now available too upon request, but must be requested/ reserved. Men’s Breakfast is always the 3rd Saturday of each month, 8am to 9:30am in the Student Center.

For all our new members (300 this past year!), take advantage of the benefits of the next Experiencing Christ Class. We always get very positive feedback from those who go through it. You have two ways to catch it. Join in a one day Experiencing Christ class on Saturday, January 21, from 9:00 to 2:00, or take it over the course of six weeks on Sunday mornings at 10:45 beginning on January 29. Experiencing Christ is WCCC’s foundational class presenting core beliefs and information about the Bible, salvation and the church. All adults are invited and encouraged to participate. To attend one of these classes, please sign-up online at http://www.whitewatercrossing.org.

Speaking of communicating things at WCCC, please note that last weekend we made a change in the Connection Card. Members and regular attenders no longer need to fill out a Connection Card each weekend to register attendance. Please continue to use the card, however, to share prayer requests, messages to the church staff, desire for information on membership/ baptism, and volunteering for ministries. We also encourage all first time guests to fill out a card so we can communicate in various ways going forward.

A brand New Year of opportunities (cleverly disguised as problems) lies before us in the next 12 months.  What will you do with it? Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” I agree!

See you this weekend for the first lesson in Unpacking God’s Strategic Plan. School will be in session!



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