Getting up, Giving Up and Getting Ready…

Now that time change weekend is over (Thank God!) we are speeding toward Easter.  


In our neck of the woods, lots of people are getting ready for Easter by participating in Lent. For the past four years, Stephen Smith has been tracking Twitter to take a snapshot of what people say they’re giving up for Lent. It’s a fascinating glimpse into American spirituality. Here’s the top ten list (in order) of things Americans say they gave up for Lent:

* Twitter
* Chocolate
* Swearing
* Alcohol
* Soda
* Facebook
* Fast food
* Sex
* Sweets
* Meat


The top 100 list also included some interesting items to give up for Lent: School, Religion, Stuff, Breathing, Starbucks, Porn, Sarcasm, Men, Being Mean, Being Nice, and Lent! A few of these should be given up ALL year!
Regardless of what you are giving up (or not giving up), Easter will soon be here and we plan to have the celebration of a lifetime down at US Bank Arena on April 8th. Jordan Shipley, Michael Boggs, Michelle Swift, our staff, our choir, our members, our guests, and most importantly, JESUS will be there! We have less than a month to get ready. Do your best praying and inviting! More invite cards, as well as yard signs, will be available at the Ministry Center this coming weekend. Grab ’em and use ’em!


The Reds have put together some awesome ticket prices/packages just for us for their afternoon game on April 8th, too. Packages include tickets AND a parking pass. Look for those to be posted soon on the Easter FAQ page (click here) or the Ministry Center.


We continue to pray for those affected by the recent tornados and storms. If you are led to help, we are encouraging people to support an organization by the name of IDES, which stands for International Disaster Emergency Services. Their website is They are an awesome Christian ministry that assists in things like this.


Please pray for a group from WCCC who are currently in the Holy Land. James Hansee emailed to say that after a long flight, they arrived safely in Israel yesterday. Pray for the same things for them that Jesus prayed for (and we covered last weekend in the sermon). Pray for Protection, Unity, Joy, Love, and that God would be Glorified.


This coming weekend, we will continue to look at the Unforgettable last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. We’ll be in John chapter 18 in the Garden of Gethsemane (where our Holy Land crew will also be next week!). Don’t forget that beginning this coming weekend, we now have 3 services on Sunday (8:30, 10:00, and 11:30) in addition to our Saturday service. There are more opportunities and options than ever to invite someone to join us at WCCC.  


I know this is the season for March Madness for college basketball fans, but with all that’s going on, it’s been March Madness for WCCC for awhile!  


See you soon.  I’m ready!




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