11 Days and counting

Are you ready to be UNdefeated?! Easter Sunday is almost here and man, I can’t wait!

How is your inviting going? Using those Invite Cards? I got a great story about those cards from member Stephannie Lee.  

She said she is very thankful that our church made the Easter Invite Cards available. Her doorbell rang in the middle of the day, and at the door stood two men in suits. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of them held out a flyer while saying, “We would like to invite you to a free event.” Without taking it she said, “Ok, just a minute.” She ran back to the kitchen table, grabbed one of our Invite Cards and returned to the front door. She said, “I’ll take yours, if you take mine.” They looked at each other and one said, “Ok, but we want to see you there” motioning to their flyer. And she said, “And I want to see you there” motioning to our Invite Card. Do you love it! Keep inviting!

Use this link to send a short Easter invite video from me. Attach or imbed it in your email and send it to your entire distribution list. Many have told me they have invited their entire company and co-workers. For some, it may even be a little less intimidating to go to US Bank Arena than a traditional church building!

Have you noticed all the JESUS vs. DEATH signs where you drive? Wow! People have emailed me saying that they have seen them in Springdale, Bridgetown, Batavia, Cheviot, Harrison, Lawrenceburg, Bright, and even in Batesville! Like the flowers and trees, the WCCC Easter signs are blooming North, South, East, and West. Yea God! Keep praying that God would leverage those signs to get people to service and ultimately to heaven (which will be a major theme of my Easter message at US Bank Arena). See picture below from members Gary & Cindy Noel’s house!

We enjoyed a good write-up in all the Community Press editions recently about the services.

Friend – if ever you are going to be bold with your faith, it is now!! Invest and invite. People are just waiting to get an invitation! Go for it. Stand up for Jesus!

We received a ton of positive comments about Denver’s closing song (that he wrote) this past weekend. Here are the words again. May it inspire you to move out in faith this week as you prepare the way for Jesus to do His awesome work in human hearts this Easter.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra

On a judgment day He was dragged away.
This world accused him of lies.
Full of power and grace with an angels face
He claimed Christ as Lord and was sentenced to die.
And as eternity stood a stone’s throw away.
Stephen’s eyes met Jesus and he began to pray,


“I will stand for you because you died for me
I’ll lay down my life for the world to see
That your power is real that your love is true
You died for me. Jesus, you died for me,
I’ll stand for you.”

Verse 2:

Glory shown around Christ was looking down,
Stephen paid a precious price.
He gave everything every Hope and Dream
For the Lamb of God, the ultimate sacrifice!
As the heavens opened on that appointed day,
Christ rose to his feet, and looked at Stephen to say,

In the midst of all persecution
When it means that I must stand alone.
If I’m worth dying for, then you’re worth living for.
So I give you my heart. I give you my soul.
Will you give Jesus your soul?
Will you stand?

Stand up, stand in, stand out for Him!    


P.S. For any Kentucky or Louisville basketball fans who attend the Saturday night service, plan to stay right after service and watch the game on the big screen in the Student Ministry room. Tipoff is at 6:08pm. I plan to be there for the service AND the big game. Speaking of sports, the WCCC Golf League is almost here. I play in it and really enjoy it. You don’t have to be very good – just willing! Sign up through the Whitewater website!


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