Are you ready?

C. S. Lewis in his book Miracles wrote of Jesus’ resurrection, “Jesus forced open a door that had been locked since the death of the first man. He has met, fought, and beaten the king of death. Everything is different because He has done so. This is the beginning of a new creation: a new chapter in cosmic history has opened.” Amen! And we plan to celebrate that fact this coming Sunday! Are you ready?!

Here are several things that I shared last weekend that will help you/us be ready!

Remember, there are no other worship services on our campus this coming weekend. Just Sunday at 10am at US Bank Arena. We resume our regular 4-service schedule on April 14/15 weekend.
Arrive early. Doors open at 9am. Leave yourself plenty of time to park and get to your seat. We have some excellent pre-service elements planned.
Sit close to the stage and each other.
Participate fully.
Be nice! Lots of guest will be there.
Give. Plan to bring a generous offering (even though I know you have to pay for parking). We are praying for a larger than normal offering as our costs for this venue are higher than normal.
Consider staying forthe Red’s game. WCCC Worship Artist Michael Boggs is singing the National Anthem at the game!! Starts at 1:10pm. Come and cheer him (and the Reds) on!
Pray and fast. Some of our prayer partners will be down there early to pray over the seats, but please bathe everything about this service in prayer.
Have Fun. Someone emailed to ask if tailgating was allowed before Easter Service. Yes, but no alcohol please!
Do your best inviting this week. Invite with all you’ve got (perhaps even offer to pay for their parking)! Many of your friends may even be more comfortable coming to an arena instead of a church building!
Be ready for God to work. Come with anticipation. We’ve done all we can do; now let’s see what God wants to do! Remember – Not we, but He!
Remember WHY we are doing this. To lift high the name of Jesus and to win people to Him. The what is Easter at US Bank Arena, but the why is all about Jesus.
Follow up with your ‘Easter eight’ (or Easter 80!) after the service is over by continuing to pray for them and inviting them back. We want to turn this event into a process, so this is just the first step of many we hope our invited friends will take over the next 7 weeks.
So what is a win for God (and us) this coming Easter Sunday?

I think there are several wins besides just having a larger than normal crowd (great as that might be)!

-It’s one body in one place lifting up the one name of Jesus.
-It’s people serving, connecting, inviting, and praying.
-It’s The Gospel being preached so all can hear of Jesus’ death, life, and love.
-It’s the opportunity to be a link in the cosmic redemptive plan of God to reach Greater Cincinnati.

So now matter whether we have few or many this coming Sunday, God is winning which means we win too!

Speaking of winning, we encourage you to jump in to one of our new spring adult class offerings; there are five to consider: (1) Let’s Pray, a six week class looking at the biblical teaching on the purpose and practice of prayer. Prayer is our lifeline with the Lord! Class begins 4/15/12 meeting at 10:00am in Building 2:42. (2) Whitewater 7 – an eight week class exploring the 7 core values of Whitewater Crossing. This class is a practical way to grow as a Christian and will start on 4/15/12 at 11:30am in rooms 126/127. (3) Transformers – a women’s small group Bible study for ladies with 30+ pounds to lose. Group will meet biweekly on Monday nights beginning 4/16/12 from 6 to 7:30pm. Renew your mind . . . transform your health. First class is an information session – check it out. (4) Mom’s Bible Study Group – for moms with children 12 and younger on Monday nights starting 4/16/12 from 7 to 8:30pm with childcare provided. The six week study will be “What happens when Women say Yes to God; Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways.” (5) Experiencing Christ – Whitewater’s foundational class exploring core biblical doctrines about salvation, Christ, and the Church. The class will be offered on Saturday, 4/14/12 from 9:00 to 2:00pm. Sign up for any of these classes online through our website or at the Ministry Center.

As our church continues to grow, it is critical for each of us to experience community and connection in the church. We crave it. God craves it. As a result, we are looking for someone to facilitate that. Whitewater Crossing is seeking to hire a part-time Director of Adult Small Groups to add to our staff this summer. The position requires a Christian with a passion for small groups, excellent communication skills, leadership and training experience, and skills of organization and administration. A complete job description is available upon request. Inquiries for this position may be sent to James Hansee at

Are you ready!?



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