Here we go!

Summer is here and here we go! Our summer of activity, ministry, and countering our culture launched last weekend as James Hansee did an outstanding job talking on “It’s All about Me.” That message, if applied, will change your life (and attitude) in a profound way.

Next up is the cultural deception “My sexuality is my choice.” Glad to be back preaching this weekend – I think! Please pray for me on this one. I plan to cover what the Bible says about sexuality, homosexuality, and gay marriage among other things. Pray for me to speak the truth in love.                                                                                             

Here we go with VBS! Register your children on-line!  (VBS)

Here we go with Phase 1a which is slated to break ground next week! This will address some critical space needs we have because of our growth. We have 431 Operation 2012 units committed so far, so we have a LONG way to go to enlist every member and frequent attendee to participate. Please indicate on your Connection Card this coming weekend that you plan to participate (or contact the office to let us know). Simple formula that anyone could do – $20.12 for 3 months (June, July, and August). That’s like giving up one Mocha Frappe (at least at Starbucks!) per week for God. Come on!

Here come our partner missionaries from Mexico. Casey & Teri Hancock and their three children Elizabeth, Corbin & Ian, are heading back to Cincinnati for a year-long furlough. We are excited about their return and expect them to be in worship with us on Sunday, June 17th. Our missions ministry team has secured a rental home for them in Delhi Township, but are still in need of a few items to help them move into a settled home. If you have any of the following items and could loan them or give them to the Hancock’s, please contact James Hansee through the church office or at Needs: washer & electric dryer, pots & pans, kitchen utensils and bakeware, microwave oven, patio furniture and a grill. Let’s be a blessing to our missionaries who have blessed others with the Gospel of Christ.  

Here we go with our Student and leaders heading to Arizona to serve the Navajo Indians. Let’s pray and cheer them on. They leave this coming Saturday.

Here we go with another Starting Point class. You can attend 2 times this month. Click here for dates/times/registration (Starting Point). Starting Point is THE next step for getting info about His church and this church. You can attend the class whether you are just starting your faith journey or you’re continuing your faith journey as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Ready or not, here we go!


P.S. A big shout out to Whitewater member, Zach LeCompte who delivered a courageous and excellent Senior Class President address at the Oak Hills High School graduation last Saturday evening. Donna and I were there to see our son Tyler graduate (proud of you buddy!) and got to hear Zach.     


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