Summer (and Whitewater) are heating up

The Sky’s the limit for our VBS occurring this week on our campus! Hundreds of children and volunteers have been here nightly celebrating that ‘nothing is impossible with God’! I can’t wait to see the way God will ripple His love because of this.

We are countering huge cultural deceptions each weekend. We’ve covered self absorption, sexuality, worship, and money (could it be any hotter!) This coming weekend will be a primer on salvation – “I can earn my way to heaven.” If you struggle with the feeling that you aren’t saved, then this one’s for you! This will absolutely be one of the best weekends ever to invite that unchurched/unsaved friend with you to service. Make a phone call or email to invite them – it may be just the right time!

I can’t believe how fast Phase 1a is moving outside my window! Footers and foundations are going in and Operation 2012 is heating up. Generator ordering/preliminary work has also begun. Hope you are invested and involved with this. Real people will connect with Jesus and other Christians because of it.

Whitewater Day at Stricker’s Grove is August 5 from 1-8pm. Get that on your calendar! All of us gathering on one day for family fun with rides, food, and a concert by Paula Stefanovich to close the day. Look online and in the bulletin in coming days for details about admission.

Hope you are staying fired up about studying the Bible this summer. We are halfway through the year! How are you doing staying connected to His Word? Barna Research recently did a survey commissioned by the American Bible Society. Data was collected and tabulated with the following results:

  • 69% of Americans believe the Bible “provides answers on how to live a meaningful life.”
  • 79% of Americans believe they are knowledgeable about the Bible, but only 46% were able to correctly identify the first five books of the Bible.
  • 46% of Americans believe that the Bible, the Koran & the Book of Mormon “teach the same spiritual truths.”
  • 47% of Americans believe “the Bible has too little influence in society.”
  • 46% of Americans say they “read the Bible no more than once or twice a year.”
  • 85% of American households own a Bible – the household average is 4.3 Bibles in the home.

Clearly our current series is needed as we counter cultural deceptions with the truth of God’s Word. Stay faithful with your SOAP Guide (more are available at the Ministry Center if you didn’t get one yet). Facebook is great, but keep your face in His Book!

See you this weekend. Be encouraged. Remember – The test you endure could become the testimony you tell!



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