5 important things to know at Whitewater this week

We are sailing into Uncharted territory as a church family. We are collectively going further in our mission and ministry. First, we committed to go further personally in reading the Bible. We are cheering each other on to deeper connection with The Word. I read this week that a hotel in Great Britain has removed Bibles from hotel rooms and replaced them with the hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey!

Jonathan Denby, the owner of the 40-room Damson Dene Hotel, explained, “Tonight millions of women will be curling up in bed with a good book and you can bet your life it won’t be the Bible. More likely than not it will be Fifty Shades of Grey. This made me wonder about the sense of providing a book, the Gideon Bible which no one reads, and many dislike, in the bedside cabinet of our hotel bedrooms, instead of a book which everyone wants to read, such as Fifty Shades of Grey.” Denby added that he will keep a few copies of the Bible “behind the reception desk” for “any guest whose preferred bedtime reading happens to be the Bible.” Guess he never read “Song of Solomon”!

Last weekend we committed to go further with the Unreached. We talked about how God is a global God and therefore we must be more intentional in fulfilling His great commission to make disciples of all nations, tribes, and tongues. Here is a link to the action items we discussed on how to Go, Give, and Grow in this area.

Whitewater Small Groups are gearing up this coming weekend! Join us on an 8 week video-based study produced here at Whitewater of Signs and Miracles recorded in John. The first step in the Small Group sign-up process will be to register at MyWCCC. You can get a head start by registering online before this weekend by clicking on MyWCCC on our website.

After registration, this weekend you will fill out a simple form to let us know which small group to best plug you into based on area of town, ages, gender or other preferences. Don’t worry; we will walk you through sign-ups this weekend at the end of each service.

Our church truck has officially died. (And we didn’t know how much we depended on it!) This older model truck was donated to us some time ago and would cost more to fix than replace. If you have an older pickup truck you are thinking about donating (or selling for a really low price), please contact Bruce or Diane in the office. We would be happy to give you a tax deductible receipt for it!

Phase 1a is looking awesome! Exterior drywall is now going up and it is really taking shape. Our construction crew is moving forward right on schedule. Are you on schedule with your $20.12 monthly donation for Operation 2012? Only August left to join us. Perhaps it’s time to catch up with a $60.36 check?!

Our Love out Loud ministry outreach – Shoes for Souls, was overwhelmed! In typical Whitewater fashion, you responded to the call to supply athletic shoes for under-resourced kids for school this fall by taking every single shoe pattern we had! We ran out before the 11:30 service, so we just told folks at that service to go buy some gym shoes in any children’s size and return them to church. Love out Loud personnel will be at the Shoes for Souls table to receive all your incoming shoes this coming weekend. Thanks for loving God’s kids. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring (and wear) good news! I love it when the church is working right!

This weekend we will go further with loving the Unwanted. Gonna be another good one!



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