Signs continue…

We praise God for the SIGNS series and the signs of His presence/power last weekend as dozens of people stepped up for prayer, anointing, and healing. It was a great weekend of the church working right as a community hospital. The emotion and spirit in the room were palpable. It was a privilege to watch God work through simple obedience of James 5. We are already seeing incredible answers to prayer.

I’m not getting weird or anything, but I’m telling you that God is moving. One of our members came for prayer at the last service for a friend named Jack who has cancer and pain. The friend was not there at the service, but she prayed for healing and relief of pain at 12:20pm. Her friend Jack emailed back around 12:30 to tell her that he awoke at 12:20 on Sunday, got out of bed, and realized that his hip and leg, which have been in constant pain, did NOT HURT ANYMORE! He didn’t know why until he found out through an email that he had been prayed for at that exact time! God is at work and I cannot explain it. Learning here – If we can explain it, God probably didn’t do it!

Please continue to let us know how God is moving in your life. To Him be the glory, great things He has done. And keep praying…especially for our country.

Things are really heating up politically! It is a very stressful and anxious time. Christian author Max Lacado started a Nationwide 40 day prayer initiative before the election to pray about the outcome and the future of America. To be counted among those who are praying, simply sign your name to the pledge on the following website –

Congrats to the golf team of Tom Nagel, Greg Saunders, Randy Saunders, and Mark Dowdy (see picture below) who came in 1st place last Saturday at the David Vaughan Food Panty Shoot out. (I didn’t say Shoot AT!) Over $2300 was raised for the Whitewater Food Pantry. Organizers Mark Koerner and Charlie Howard were happy!

Speaking of money, I want to take a minute and fully update you on Phase 1a and Operation 2012 for those who were not here last weekend. The project is on schedule and the cost of this project was $642,000.

We have received around $320,000 so far in giving with another $100,000 gift slated to come soon. Many of you faithfully participated in Operation 2012 and we are very grateful. This brings our total to $420,000. If you do the math, you’ll see that this leaves a shortfall of $222,000, which will be paid by our General Fund (which thankfully is possible because of your faithful weekly giving.) A new weekly budget for the remainder of 2012 has been calculated by our Finance Team and is shown now in the bulletin.

As a result of your giving to Operation 2012 and the utilization of the General Fund surplus, the much needed Phase 1a project will be completely paid for by year end without incurring any additional debt (while also continuing to pay down our mortgage.) Our current debt is down to $ 2,716,000.

We are so blessed to be in the financial position we are in and that is due to the favor of our God, generous giving by our church body, and great leadership by our finance team, elders, and staff.

Can’t wait for the signs to go up in this new addition and start using t!

Mark the weekend dates of October 27/28 for a return of the group Soul’d Out to Whitewater. This great contemporary Southern Gospel group will be our guests all weekend and will be doing a special Encore Concert immediately after the Saturday night service on October 27. There is no charge/tickets, but we will collect a Love Offering at the end of the Encore.

See you this weekend as we talk about food and feeding people (one of my favorite subjects!)


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