Staying Upside Down

Discover magazine had an amazing story about how a woman needed to be carried upside down in order to stay alive. It sounds crazy, but it’s real. The reason she had to be held upside down was because her pacemaker had become disconnected from her heart, and holding her upside down led the pacemaker to be reconnected!

Mary’s husband noticed that as he picked her up, she regained consciousness, but when he put her upright, she would collapse again. In fact, every time he let her go upright after that, she would collapse. He deduced that she could only be conscious when she was upside down, thus he carried her upside down. The doctor, after questioning the sanity of them both, realized that that was because of the pacemaker. Through surgery, doctors eventually reconnected the pacemaker correctly so she could get back into healthy, upright living.

In many ways, that’s what our Advent Conspiracy has done. We have discovered how to do Christmas upside down from what the world tells us, and our hearts are functioning better than ever! Keep conspiring! Hamilton Wright Mabie said it well – “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

We will continue our Conspiracy this coming weekend and conclude it on Christmas Eve. Which service are you inviting and coming to? I am really looking forward to preaching at all 3 services this year and meeting your friends.

Speaking of witnessing for Jesus, last Sunday night out in Harrison, two of our Whitewater members made it to the finals of the Cincinnati Idol singing contest. Our own Jerry Pennington came in 4th and Men’s Ministry leader, Dave Nash, won it all!! Jerry did a beautiful (and brave) version of a Pavarotti song. All in Italian! Dave’s final song was “You Raise Me Up” and before the song, he talked about Jesus and giving this song to Him. During the instrumental break, Dave quoted the Lord’s Prayer and ended the song on his knees. We’re proud of Jerry and Dave (as well as their wives) for their willingness to publicly witness/proclaim their love for Jesus in this way. They won more than a singing contest.

Several asked about where they could see the Upside Down video shown last weekend. Here is the link to view: Video

Have you seen the new look of our website!? Whitewater Director of Communications, Joe Porter and team have done an outstanding job upgrading it and it has some new features. Check it out!

With the funerals of those precious children in Newtown, CT. this week, our hearts continue to break and burn. The president, the media and world continue to talk about what can be done, but the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. This will not be fixed by the government, but by God. They are promising peace, security, and happiness – but they can’t produce them. When a country rejects Him and refuses any effort to teach/talk about Him, this is the result. When any society doesn’t value life (preborn included), why would we expect anything different? The world, politics and entertainment will NEVER bring hope like Jesus and His church!!

That’s why I mentioned last weekend the great opportunity this tragedy affords us to speak loving hope into this tragedy with people who are not Christians. Events like this cause people to pause, think, and question. People will be seeking answers and we have the only one. Unto us a Savior has been born, he is Christ the Lord. So invite them to find that light.

One of our members, Mary Drach, emailed me with a poem she was inspired to write as she grieved. Took her less than 10 minutes she said! May it bless and comfort you.

Dear God,
I need your help now
Everything seems to be wrong
Nothing makes any sense
Why does the pain last so long

I know it’s all a part
Of your divine plan
Yet so many people are crying
What do we not understand

I see all the hurt
All this pain in people’s eyes
Can you hear all the prayers
Can you hear all their cries

I hate that it seems normal
To see tragedy everywhere we turn
For whatever reasons you have Lord
It seems there are more lessons that we need to learn

How do we move forward
How many lives must end
For us to see what matters the most-
Having you in our lives as a friend

Lord, we all love you
But there are many people that are still blind
Some who doubt you and don’t know
That you are truly good, honest and kind

So Lord, please hear my prayer
Help heal those whose hearts are broke
To see your strength, love and understanding
Help all of us to get a clearer look

Please help those who mourn
A Christmas without their loved one
Help us find you and believe that this too shall pass
Hold us close, as we recall the loss of your son

You know how pain feels God
I can’t imagine the pain that you went through
So please help us through our pain
Lord, thank you for healing us, we love you.

Thanks Mary. Well done. I am planning something special on Christmas Eve for us to reach out to those in Newtown with the love of God. If you’re in town, you won’t want to miss Christmas Eve at Whitewater.

Praying for our upside down world.



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