Everybody has a story worth telling

The Story is building at Whitewater. And it comes at the perfect time!

As we move into this fresh new year, it is more vital than ever that we stay focused on our vision of being a Biblically functioning community. The question is not how do we get bigger, but how do we get better. We are not the church we were 12 months ago, and we won’t be the same church at the end of 2013 as God’s Spirit abides. We must learn to navigate the changing dynamics of our church and culture, while being ruthlessly committed to the Bible and Jesus. New levels bring new devils! So staying in the Word is essential.

The Story (our church-wide theme for 2013) will absolutely support you in this! Our 2 simple (but powerful) goals are to Increase the number of people connecting their story to God’s Story, and to Decrease biblical illiteracy. Can’t wait to get started!

Your spiritual growth and Bible study will be dramatically improved by participating in a community group or class. You have a golden (Godly!) opportunity to join a Winter Group this coming weekend and participate in The Story. Go to the Group table in the Atrium to get a brochure before or after worship service and sign up through a simple form indicating the times/days that work for you. Someone will be there to answer any questions you have and follow up with you. You can also sign up online through the website. (Sign-up). We have dozens of group leaders ready to host/welcome you in this great journey of Bible learning and community. We have room for 200 more people. Only 2 weeks left to sign up! Come on!

Speaking of signing up, have you registered yet with MYwhitewater (at whitewatercrossing.org)? If not, you’ll want to – this is one place to connect with the Whitewater family. Here you can participate in our online directory and even upload a picture if you choose. You determine how much info to share… and it’s all password protected! This directory replaces our former online pictorial and printed directories. Register today and make our directory complete! (MYwhitewater)

If you’re looking for an awesome evening of inspiration as a woman of faith (and another great chance to invite), you will not want to miss seeing Tammy Trent here at Whitewater on Friday night, April 26th. Join hundreds of women and experience Tammy Trent perform through moving and inspiring singing and story-telling, with guest singer Alisa Childers. Tickets are on sale online! More info and tickets at whitewatercrossing.org/tammytrent.

Please pray for a missions team from Whitewater leaving this Saturday for Haiti to do ministry and build chicken coops for Jesus. Seriously. It’s a strategy that works really well! Proud of this team for modeling our growing, giving, and going strategy.

Wow! Last weekend we had 1351 in attendance. In January. And I wasn’t even here (which may be why!) Space is becoming more of a problem at the 10am worship gathering. If you attend then, have you considered becoming a part of our 8:30am Sunday worship service or our 5pm Saturday service? If 100 of you could do that, it would make a huge difference in creating more space for others to hear the story right now.

Are you looking for an exciting place to work with an exciting team? How about Whitewater Crossing? We are posting several new part-time staff openings in our facilities area on the website. Click here for more info.

Let the Story begin!


P.S. Many of you have asked about (and prayed for) my father. Thank you so much for that. He is out of the hospital and at home doing well. He still has some follow-up doctor visits to do, but his kidneys are functioning really well (with no further dialysis) and we are thankful. Grateful that God spared his life and that we are a part of a church that loves so well. It was so encouraging to be the recipient of pastoral care this time. On behalf of my dad and our entire family – Thank you!



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