Winter Group Start Ups

January 23, 2013

Last weekend we talked about Core Values and their importance. (If you missed that message, click here to hear). Core Values are the things we value most, and they are critical to organizational health and success. Stating your values is one thing. Living them out and making them a consistent part of your DNA is another. Ever heard of Enron?

At its peak, Enron was an energy, commodities, and services company employing nearly 22,000 people. Based in Houston, Texas, Enron was one of the largest energy companies in the world and had been named “America’s most innovative company” for six consecutive years by Fortune magazine. The company was regarded as a competitive, talent-focused culture where “stars” were lavishly rewarded and permitted to launch new projects, often without supervision. At its peak they were handling $335 billion in online commodity trades a year! But because of unethical accounting, lavish spending, and fraud on November 30, 2001, the stock closed at an astonishing 26 cents a share. The company filed for bankruptcy protection on December 2 that same year and eventually went out of business.

But at the same time all of the fraud was happening, in its annual report to shareholders, Enron listed its core values as follows:    

Communication– We have an obligation to communicate.

Respect – We treat others as we would like to be treated.

Integrity – We work with customers and prospects openly, honestly, and sincerely.

Can you believe that? Business icon Ken Blanchard said it well – “Without agreed upon vision & values, you have nothing to serve but yourself.”

That’s why we’ve spent the month of January discussing through scripture, the Whitewater Story. Before we move into your story, it is helpful to know our story. All stories, however, must be interpreted through HIS Story. That’s why this coming weekend is so exciting as we begin The Story. I have much to share about The Story, so don’t miss (or be late)!

Did you get your own copy of The Story yet? (There are plenty left, so grab one this coming weekend when you arrive.) We will start reading it together next week. The Story is a unique journey through the major sections of the Bible. The Story develops a chronological timeline of the major events and people of the Bible and weaves it together in the form of a novel. Using the New International Version of the Scriptures, it highlights God’s cosmic redemptive story to redeem the world. Can’t wait to begin!!

In conjunction with The Story, it’s not too late to sign up for one of our Winter Groups. But remember, this weekend is your last opportunity to sign-up, either online through our website, (sign-up) or at the sign-up table in the atrium. Hopefully you picked up the Winter Group brochure and you have your eye on a specific group. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Get connected for The Story so that you can connect your story to God’s story.

In addition to several new staff hires we are making in 2013 in facilities to support our recent (and future) growth, I am also very pleased to announce some changes (and additional areas of oversight) for several  current staff. As Terri Beth Faust transitions to full time Director of Family and Equipping Ministry, Becky Thatcher will transition from part-time Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry to full time Director of Children’s Ministry. Becky is a gifted leader and we are so pleased about this! Michele Fortman will be transitioning from Student Ministry Administrative Assistant to Student Ministry Associate and be working more hours. Donna Patrick has a new title and is now our Facility Care Associate and is working more hours. Diane Morgan is working more hours as Administrative Assistant in support of Family, Children, and Student Ministry. In addition to being our part-time Director of Communications, Joe Porter will also be investing additional hours overseeing Church Internet Technology. Katie Dooley (our Financial Secretary), now has an office here at church and is here 2 days a week to serve you. Jaci Velasquez has rotated off our Worship Artist team for 2013 and will be replaced by Paula Stefanovich. I will soon be announcing a new part-time staff hire who will serve as our Guest Services Associate. What a great team God has put together to lead us through The Story this year!

See you this weekend – sun or snow!


P.S. If you did not snag a 2012 Congregational Report, you can view online.


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