The story God is writing right now

God is writing a story and you are a main character! I know some of you are REAL characters, but He can use you too!

Paul says in 2 Corinthians that YOU are an epistle of Christ, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, of the heart. Have you ever thought about the idea that your life is telling a story? Every day and situation a different chapter. And people all around you are reading that story. That’s what The Story is all about this year at Whitewater. Man, it’s gonna be exciting! Welcome to being one of God’s great storytellers!

Have you read Chapter 1 in The Story this week for your homework? (Read the Preface section too!) If not please do (it’s only 12 pages). If so, wouldn’t hurt to read it one more time before the weekend. We ran out of The Story Bibles by the end of the 11:30 service and have ordered more. They arrive tomorrow and will be out at The Story table this weekend before service. Pick one up if you don’t have one and jump in with us! Bring your Story Bible/Kindle with you and take notes. 

For the first time in Whitewater history, you can now view The Story messages online through video. I love that we can do this, but I hate that it is me on there! (I tend to be very critical of myself). But we want to says thanks to Mark, Joe, Phil, Ken, Mike and our entire Tech Team for making this happen with quality. It is not easy and those folks have put in more time than you can imagine to get it done right. Thanks guys! From papyrus to press to pixels – Church leaders have always been looking for the next way to share God’s Word. This is it. You can catch “Story time” any week you miss, as well as ‘More to the Story” background info on the website.

I know the Super Bowl is this Sunday, but the real thing that’s super about this weekend is that we will start in Genesis 1:1 and move forward till we end at Revelation 22:21. (Not all in one message) but be here for the beginning of it all! I encourage you to enjoy the Super Bowl with your friends and family, but also leverage it as an opportunity to share your story and invite them to hear about The Story. Pastor Louie Giglio said it well – “We reflect what church should be when we think less about whether or not we can make it, and more about who we want to bring.” As Dave from Storage Wars says – YUPPPPPPPP. And unless it’s a really good game, what most people like about the Super Bowl are the commercials and the stories behind the players. Even the NFL is about story.

Remember, we expect you to Show Up, Group Up, and Grow Up this year for The Story

Got an email about one of our Community Groups that is doing all 3 of these by serving together. Last weekend they met at the Wesley Chapel Mission Center, an organization that serves inner city children with an after school/Saturday tutoring program. They linked up with other volunteer groups to conduct the Saturday program and served about 40 children. The group divided up the duties and provided lunch, a Bible lesson, a craft, and a game activity. Their theme was “God can make much of our little” and used all the elements to creatively teach that. We love to see our Whitewater groups GROWING as they step outside their little Holy Huddles, GIVING their time and talents, and GOING into an area where children need to hear the Word of God, and feel the love of others. Way to go!

Attention Ladies of Whitewater. There’s a story brewing here, too. Will you be joining hundreds of other women to see Tammy Trent on April 26th? She will be sharing her story through singing and speaking. Whitewater worship artist Alisa Childers will also be there. Tickets are now on sale for $10 online! (More info and tickets at I got word this week, too, that you will also be able to purchase tickets in person for this weekend only in the Atrium. Cash or check accepted. (Online ticket sales will still continue until the event). So ladies, come prepared to buy a ticket for you AND a friend.

Next week I will share some of our plans for Easter 2013 here on our Whitewater campus. Talk about a Story to share!! Get ready.

See you this weekend for the first verse in The Story God has written.


P.S. After great discussion by our Facilities Team, the decision was made that, because of our growth and the demand for rooms for ministry at our main campus and Building 2:42, we can no longer accept and reserve rooms for private events (such as parties and showers). Current events already scheduled on the calendar will be honored, but moving forward we will no longer be able to accommodate these private functions. (Weddings/funerals are the exception.) Thank you for your understanding.


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