All things Jesus and Jack

Who is Jack Cooper? ( You probably know him better than you think! Might even be you! The story of Jesus and Jack will be told on Easter weekend, and it will absolutely be one of THE best services for any non-practicing family or friends you have to attend. We are doing 6 services so we can share The Story 6 times!

Let the inviting begin!! My personal goal is to invite at least one person every day between now and Easter to one of the six worship gatherings. People are more receptive than you think to an Easter invite! Come on, take the risk and invite. Snag one of our Jack Cooper yard signs and place it at a key intersection near your house or in your yard if you have good road visibility. Use the Jack Cooper Invite Cards at the Ministry Center or the new E-Vite link. Forward it/post it to your entire Facebook. Today, there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago!

Be like Tami in our church… She emailed me last week. Here are some keys parts of her email: I don’t really feel like I am a person who shares the gospel like I should. I try to show it in what I say (or don’t say) and in what I do (or don’t do) but something has come over me and The Story just excites me! Well, I was at the hair dresser and we got to talking (go figure). I just brought up the fact that our church was reading The Story–which led to some questions from her…She sounded interested and excited to start reading through The Story–so I invited her to church and got her a book so that she could read along. But THIS story doesn’t end there! I went to drop the book off at the shop and MY hairdresser was talking to her sister that works there too–and she is interested in reading The Story with us too!! So guess what–I got her a book too!! I am really excited about this…” GO Tami and GO you!

We are asking you to GROW by attending at one service, to GIVE by serving at a 2nd service, and to GO by inviting. Remember that we have estimated that we need 1000+ servants to execute Easter weekend with excellence (especially in children’s ministry, guest services, and facilities). If you are currently serving on a weekend team, connect with your ministry leader to schedule which service(s) you will serve. If you are not currently serving God here at Whitewater, we’d love for you step up and sign up online (Easter). Easter training is provided to make it easy and answer all your questions.

Could I also boldly ask you to fast and pray for 1 meal on Good Friday, March 29th? Join me in dedicating the time you would have spent preparing and eating that meal in prayer for God to bless all our Easter efforts and guests. I believe we underestimate what God can do through prayer and we overestimate what we can do without prayer. If you do nothing else this Easter, this one activity on Good Friday would help the most. Friend, we’re good around here, but not THAT good! Please fast and pray.

2013 is all about discovering our story in God’s Story. Understanding that your story does not stand on its own, nor ever did, is critical this year. It is and always has been firmly rooted in another story, a bigger and better story – His story. Lean into your story so you can tell HIS story.

One huge part of the Whitewater story has been a man named Dr. Harold Hockley. He was the minister here at our church (when we were Westwood Cheviot Church of Christ) for 34 years and played a key role in laying the firm foundation on which we are building successfully today. Dr. Hockley passed away last September 18 at the age of 94 and we are remembering/celebrating his life here in our Worship Center on Sunday, March 17th at 2 pm. Harold was one of our biggest cheerleaders and we plan to celebrate his life and legacy here that day.

What part in God’s cosmic redemptive story will YOU play? It might take some courage. That is what my message will be about this coming weekend when we focus on Joshua and his story. See you then!


P.S. We are even preparing Route 128 for all our Easter guests! Our first highway cleanup of the year is this Saturday, March 16th at 10am following the monthly men’s breakfast. Could use a few servants.


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