Will the Coopers return?

Suffice it to say that it was a fantastic Easter weekend at Whitewater. So many wins! We had 2494 in attendance. I am so grateful and proud of all of you who served and switched (we had 332 at the 1pm service)! From the parking lot to the nursery, all our teams worked together effectively. You made it look easier than it actually was. I am humbled and thankful to serve with you and our great staff and be a part of the story God is so clearly weaving here.

There were hundreds of Jack and Jackie Coopers here! We gave it our best shot to present the good news of Jesus and His amazing grace. As my buddy Perry Noble says – Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God! That is so true for us this year! I had numerous conversations with new people and many indicated they would return. If you invited anyone who came, please invite them back again this week! Tell them to bring their new Story Bible, read chapter 9, and be here at one of our regular weekend times. Hope to see many of them become regulars over the next weeks and months.

Thanks to all who courageously invited and boldly prayed. We are exhausted, but exhilarated. Ready to do it again soon! All praise and glory to our risen Lord.

If you were traveling out of town for Spring Break and missed the message or you want to encourage a friend to watch it, you can watch it online (Easter). You can also leave your Jack Cooper yard signs up for a while if you want. We adjusted the Jack Cooper website so that the shelf life can continue for quite a while. There are still many Jack Coopers to reach!

We have two more events looming large on the horizon worth investing in:

  1. Tammy Trent will be here at Whitewater on Friday night, April 26th. Join hundreds of other women and experience Tammy Trent sing and share (with our own worship artist Alisa Childers also singing). Tickets are still on sale online! Visit our website (Tammy Trent).
  2. Our Men’s Banquet with Chuck Proudfit is Friday Night, May 17th. Check out Chuck’s awesome ministry and website here. (Chuck Proudfit) Tickets are now on sale online. (Men’sBanquet) I plan on being there and inviting a friend to join me.

That’s it for my Direct this week. I’ve gotta get back to work on my message for this coming weekend on Ruth. Jack and Jackie will likely be returning again!

Love you all very much.


P.S. I got an email this morning from Denver Bierman (Whitewater worship artist) with a special prayer request for next week. Next Saturday (April 13th) Denver and his Mile High Orchestra are performing in Newtown, CT (the town that had the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting) at Newtown High School for a concert dedicated to all the first responders of the tragedy and their families. Please pray for Denver and his team to bring the hope and help of Jesus to hurting people.



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