What’s up this week?

What’s up this week in your life (besides the Reds and warm weather – which are both nice!)? We got a few things up at Whitewater for sure…

The Men’s Banquet is coming up on May 17th. Buy your tickets now! Either online through our website- click here Men’s Banquet, or in the Atrium this weekend. The Men’s Banquet is a great opportunity to invite your friend, co-worker and neighbor to a great event. The Banquet speaker, Chuck Proudfit, will inspire and challenge you to view your work differently. Ladies – Tammy Trent tickets will also be on sale this weekend in the Atrium!

Our Love Out Loud (LOL) Ministry Team is also coordinating a Day of Service to bless our community on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Several key projects are planned for us to serve and love our neighbors in the name of Jesus. Look for the great list of opportunities in the bulletin (and web) this weekend. Lunch will be provided! (Info/sign-up)

We are now accepting applications for a part-time Minister/Director of Recovery & Support. This person and position will fill the vacancy created when Adam Bockhorst departed our staff. For more information, check out the Whitewater employment link or email James Hansee.

The Story continues this weekend with Chapter 10 and the story of Saul. It’s gonna be awesome. Don’t miss – we have a little surprise for you!

Last weekend with Ruth we discovered that nothing just happens when God is a part of your story. Here’s another great example:

On the front porch of his little country store in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln and his partner stood one day. Business was dwindling and his partner asked, “How much longer can we keep this going?” Lincoln answered, “You know, I wouldn’t mind so much if I could just do what I want to do. I want to study law. I wouldn’t mind so much if we could sell everything we’ve got and pay all our bills and have just enough left over to buy one book—Blackstone’s Commentary on English Law, but I guess I can’t.”

A strange-looking wagon was coming up the road. The driver angled it up close to the store porch, then looked at Lincoln and said, “I’m trying to move my family out west, and I’m out of money. I’ve got a good barrel here that I could sell for fifty cents.” Abraham Lincoln’s eyes scanned the wagon and came to the wife looking at him pleadingly, face thin and obviously hungry. Lincoln ran his hand into his pocket and took out, according to him, “the last fifty cents I had” and said, “I reckon I could use a good barrel.”

All day long that barrel sat on the porch of that store. His partner kept teasing Lincoln about buying it. Late in the evening Lincoln walked out and looked down into the barrel. He saw something in the bottom of it, papers that he hadn’t noticed before. His long arms went down into the barrel and, as he fumbled around, he hit something solid. He pulled out a book and stood there amazed: it was Blackstone’s Commentary on English Law.

Lincoln later wrote, “I stood there holding the book and looking up toward the heavens. There came a deep impression on me that God had something for me to do and He was showing me now that I had to get ready for it. Why this miracle otherwise?”

Let God help you write YOUR story this year.


P.S. A big congrats to all our Louisville Cardinal fans. Great season and game Monday night. Could be that the NCAA trophy stays in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 3 years in a row after next year!


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