Why we serve

May 1, 2013

Happy Wednesday to you!

Ever wondered why God asks us to serve others? Yes, it blesses others so much, it honors Jesus (because He was the model of a servant), and it creates opportunities for the gospel to be shared. But serving is also done for our own healing, despite our own unworthiness. The person most affected (and blessed) by serving is us!

That’s why this coming Saturday’s Love Out Loud (LOL) Day of Service is something you should strongly consider. It’s not just an opportunity tobless our community, but grow spiritually. It’s this Saturday, May 4th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Several key projects are available for you to participate all across our local community. Get the list, info, and signup here. (Info/sign-up)

I hope you will join our great Love Out Loud leaders and serve the least of these. I really believe that the key to satisfaction in life is serving. One of my favorite quotes on this has been attributed to John Wesley.

Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, At all times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”  

This coming Saturday you can do just that.

Hey men – Tammy Trent rocked the house last Friday night with hundreds of our ladies laughing and learning! Our chance to do the same is rapidly approaching. The Men’s Banquet is coming up on May 17th. Buy your tickets now online through our website- click here: Men’s Banquet. This banquet is a great opportunity to invite your friend and/or co-worker to hear our guest speaker, Chuck Proudfit, challenge us to view our work differently, even if we feel like we are failing.

Men need a reminder of that from time to time. Winston Churchill failed sixth grade, but he was no failure as leader of his nation. Thomas Edison failed all his classes in school and was sent home to work on his widowed mother’s farm, but he was no failure as an inventor and creator of progress. David Livingstone fled from the pulpit of his first church in Scotland, a failure because he could not remember the text he was to preach on. From there he went to Africa and brought the Christian faith within reach of millions. Failing, in itself, is not the issue. It is what we do next that matters. Come and be inspired by Chuck Proudfit. I plan to be there.

Speaking of work – We are pleased to introduce a new part-time church staff member who will be serving as the Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant. Her name is Kara Gray and she will be starting the first week of May. Kara, along with her husband Kyler, are members at Whitewater and have been active in small groups and in our Transitions ministry. Kara is an Indiana native, an IU graduate and will be a great support for our adult ministries staff. We are excited to welcome Kara to the staff team at Whitewater!

Attention Parents of all Whitewater Students entering 7th-12th grade this fall – Big and exciting changes are coming on promotion weekend (June 1-2). Student Director Anita Green is hosting a brief but VERY important meeting this Sunday, May 5th, at 9:00am in the Student Ministry Room (Rm 177) to share the details. Please attend so you are in the loop!

Read chapter 13 about Solomon for this weekend.The Story is alive and well in Whitewater and in you. Keep telling it!



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