Ages and stages

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Last weekend in The Story, we talked about the blessings of unity and the danger of division. (There were quite a few sermon requests!) Those of us who have been around the church world recognize the church when it’s working (and NOT working) right. We like it working right as it is now! I also talked a little about the inter-generational strengths and dynamics we enjoy here at Whitewater.

Leadership Author Fred Smith gave a list for growing old without becoming ‘older.’ He had some great and applicable quotes for those of us aging with grace:

– I started aging the day I was born…on the back of my birth certificate is my death certificate.

– Memory is the way we keep in touch with our past, but it should not be the way we keep living in the
present. Joining the “used-to club” is counter-productive.

– Start the aging process early – avoid surprises through preparation financially, emotionally,
spiritually, physically, and especially relationally.

– As we age we become mutual mentors with our children.

– Make a list of annoying “old people” habits while still young and read it as you age.

– Ask better questions. Engage people in conversation to stay relevant.

– Weed out cynicism…a cynic would ride through a sewer in a glass-bottomed boat!

– A great philosophy will get you into the grave, but only a correct theology will get you through the

– A racer never fears the finish line.

– The age of the lamp doesn’t affect its ability to give light.

– It is important to define the “new normal.”

May Psalm 92:14 be true of all of us as we keep growing and changing in our Story. “They bear fruit even when they are old; they are filled with vitality and have many leaves.”

Speaking of age and stage, our staff Director of Facilities, Bruce Halfenberg, shared this week that he is ready for retirement. Bruce plans to relocate to his vacation home in Tennessee this summer. Although we are thrilled for Bruce and Connie, we are sad for us. I cannot tell you how critical Bruce was and how mightily he was used here over the past 7 years as first our Construction Manager and then our Director of Facilities. We will miss his wisdom, experience, organization, dedication, and patient demeanor. We thank God for Bruce – builder of buildings for God. We will be posting this open position on our church employment page in coming days.

Speaking of open positions on staff, we are also currently accepting candidates for a part-time Receptionist, as well as a part-time Student Ministry Assistant. (Employment)

We also welcome Suzie Terrell to our staff team as our new Saturday Guest Services Associate. This part-time position is small in hours, but huge in impact. She is perfect for this position and is a great addition to our team. She will join Missy Litkenhaus, our Sunday Guest Services Associate, and Linda Myers to help our Guest Services ministry go further and faster. Last weekend was staff member Gary Coleman’s last official weekend coordinating Guest Services. (We are appreciative of Gary’s investment in this area.) Gary will now focus on increased pastoral care and benevolence needs, as well as launching our New Horizons Ministry to those 55+.

You may not know this, but Whitewater Crossing is part of an international fellowship of churches that share a common heritage. Annually, there is a gathering of Christian Church leaders and members called the North American Christian Convention (NACC). This year, the NACC will occur in Louisville, KY, July 9-12. The NACC is a convention that focuses on preaching, fellowship and encouragement. The convention consists of several main sessions and workshops throughout the week focusing on issues related to Christian living, ministry, and leadership. A large exhibition hall with various exhibits, ministries, and resources is also there. The North American Christian Convention is often referred to as “the connecting place” because it helps connect Christians with one another and with God. The convention began in 1927 and is always a blessing to those who attend. Consider going. You’ll love it! For more information check out their website: NACC.

That’s about it for this week! See you this weekend for another chapter in The Story on Elijah. I can’t wait to preach it. Have I told you that I love The Story?!


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