Last weekend – this weekend

July 31, 2013 

Last weekend:

• We said goodbye to our partner missionaries – Casey and Teri Hancock as they re-deploy to Mexico to plant churches and share Jesus. They’ve been in the states here in Cincy for about a year, and will be returning to Mexico City in early August for 4 more years. They are extensions of Whitewater, south of the border and we are very proud of them. Please pray for them specifically and stay faithful in your financial giving to Whitewater as that giving supports their church planting work. Their goal is to plant 3 new churches in the next 4 years!!

• We launched a new series under our yearly Story umbrella called ‘Competing Stories’ and first up was Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Thanks for the encouraging emails!) One Whitewater parent emailed about his high school son who became interested in a young lady in the school band recently. The son got to know her better and eventually asked her out to a movie. She checked with her parents and her father wouldn’t let her go. So the young man took a different approach and tried to arrange a date in a group setting thinking that would work. Again, her dad said no. He found this odd, but understood that sometimes parents can be very protective. Not being one to give up, he then called her on the phone (with his dad present) and asked her to come to Whitewater one Sunday. After all, what parent could turn that down?! His father heard him say “What? Really?”, muted the phone and said – “Dad, you’re not going to believe this. They won’t even let her come to church with me – they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses! This could only happen to me!” Competing Stories are everywhere!

• We received/accepted the resignation of long term treasurer Jo Ann Hine. Jo Hine has served for 30 years here and we thank her for this dedication. Her last day will be August 10th. Gary Smith and Phil Coleman are coordinating our interim and long term plan for replacement.

• We welcomed new Director of Facilities, David Glenzer and his wife Carol. He has spent these last few days getting up to warp speed on Facilities at Whitewater. Pray for David – it’s like drinking from a fire hose (but he is doing great!)

This coming weekend:

• We continue our Competing Stories with an overview of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons). You gotta be here for this one!

• We will enjoy Whitewater Day at Stricker’s Grove. It’s THIS SUNDAY, 1-8pm, rain or shineOnce a year the entire Whitewater family gathers in one place for a ton of fun.  Cost is $8/adult, $5/child (12 & under), $25 family maximum. Purchase wristbands at the Info Desk this weekend. The afternoon program includes Christian magician Johnny Magic (my favorite part!). You can also purchase wristbands out at the park after the 11:30 service.

• We begin providing a simple and easy way to get involved in a Community Group this fall at Whitewater by coming to GroupLINK on Sunday, August 18th. Let us know you’re coming by going online or to the Info Desk. GroupLink  Childcare is provided with a reservation.

• We transition to the last half of 2013! Wow! So much done, yet so many exciting things left to do before the year is out. You ready!?


P.S.  Last weekend many encountered significant delays in getting to services as weekend road work was being done on I-74 and I-275 causing large backups. We understand that much of the work has been completed, but this weekend,  you might consider leaving a little earlier just in case it’s not. If you arrive early, you can grab a great cup of coffee in the Cafe and relax. (And since my message is at the beginning of the service, you’ll be able to catch all of it!)


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