October will be nothing but awesome!

September 25, 2013

I have rarely been so excited about the month of October before. (And not just because of candy and football!) Let me tell you 3 reasons why:

1. Trunk or Treat. This is the best opportunity this month to reach thousands of people in our community in one day, on our campus. This year’s Trunk or Treat is on Saturday, October 12th, from noon to 3pm. We are asking you to bring candy to the building this weekend, (we need 600,000 pieces), Volunteer to serve at the event, (Trunk or Treat) and invite all your friends and family. God will use this for His glory, friend. I just know it!

2. ‘All In’ Baptism weekend. Oh my – I am already getting emails from people who are committing to take the next step in their faith journey by being baptized by immersion on October 19/20 weekend. Can I place your name on the list of those who are going public with their faith? Email me today and I will email you back with all the answers to questions you probably have about what New Testament baptism is all about and all the logistical details about what to wear, etc. If your elementary child or teen is considering baptism, informational meetings have been planned by our Family Ministry staff to assist you. Let me know if you’re interested in that, too, when you email me. Come on – I know some of you have been thinking about this – The time is perfect to be ‘All In!’

3. A special Congregational meeting. The Elders are helping lead us through some required Constitutional changes. I know in some churches that can send off major alarms, but let not your heart be troubled. The changes are about bringing our Constitution into operational alignment with the policy-governance model that the Elders have adopted, as well as our practices as the church has grown larger. No doctrines or core beliefs are changing.

Here’s a message from the Chairman of the Whitewater Crossing Elders, Bob Stoll:

The elders have been working behind the scenes on developing policies and practices that will help us better achieve our vision to be a fully functioning Biblical community. As part of this, the language in our Constitution needs to be aligned and updated. While these changes are not substantial, they do require ratification by the membership of Whitewater Crossing at a congregational meeting which will be held as part of each worship service over the weekend of October 26/27. An overview of these proposed changes by the elders will be available in paper form on October 5/6 weekend at the Info Desk for you to review. For those interested, elder representatives will also be available to discuss these language changes after each service on October 12/13 in room 181, and October 19/20 in room H at the Whitewater Extension building. If you would like more information about the By-Law revision process, I encourage you to attend one of these informational meetings, as time will not allow any questions from the floor during the actual meeting.’

As part of the Congregational meeting on October 26/27 weekend, we will also share information about where we are heading with the building of Phase 2. Our Design/Construction Team and Expansion Task Force have been working for months now and have some exciting information to share as we help people find hope in Jesus and a home (with more room!) in his church.

Told you. It’s gonna be a fantastic October!


P.S. Our parking lot and entry road are scheduled to have some needed resurfacing work done next Monday and Tuesday and will be closed for use. For those two days anyone coming to the church building should use the gravel entry off of Rt. 128 near the barn. Parking will be in the grassy area behind the building. Some activities will be rescheduled to the Whitewater Extension. Please call the office if you have any questions.


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