What kind of home do you have?

January 8, 2014

Last weekend we launched our new church year by talking about home. Our church home. Moving people we love from the outside (where it’s really cold!) to the inside (where it’s really warm!). We do that through an ‘invest and invite’ strategy. We believe that all Christians have the responsibility to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in their unique circles and channels of influence. What a privilege to participate with God in His cosmic redemptive plan to save people!

Whitewater’s mission is to help people find hope in Jesus and a home in His local church, so we work hard to create safe, authentic environments where people encounter God in a powerful way and want to return. We do this through relationships. A relationship with Jack Cooper. We risk a current relationship by inviting them into a future relationship with Jesus and His church. And I won’t mislead you – it takes a lot of energy and work!

Only God can change hearts and lives. We can’t make someone fall in love with Jesus – but we can set up the first date! Will this be the year you finally ‘invest and invite’ someone? A fantastic tool to help you is our REACH Seminar. 

Since we’re asking questions, let me add the other ones I’ve been asking. Is this going to be the year that you finally read the Bible? (Bible reading). Is this going to be the year that you finally start serving/volunteering at Whitewater? (Serve) BTW – A perfect way for any retired guys at Whitewater to serve is to volunteer one day a week around our facilities. You don’t have to be an expert with skills. Just 2 hands willing to work, organize, repair, and serve! Is this going to be the year that you finally get in a Community/smaller group? (GroupLink) Will this be the year you finally start giving/tithing? (Giving)

Again, with all these things – we want something for you, not from you!! All these things are part of being a member of His family and living in His home here at Whitewater.

There are tons of family activities going on in His (and your) home. Financial Peace University (FPU), Marriage Seminars (Feb 21/22), Family Talk (Jan 18 – no sign up required), SOOO many tools to help you grow and leverage this brand New Year in a bold new way! Visit our (Blog & Events) page for a family grocery list of things to dine on!

One huge thing coming up that I GREATLY urge you to sign up for is our Student Ministry Spaghetti dinner on Friday, Jan. 31. Our students are great examples and models for us of going to the Outside by going on two mission trips. Let’s encourage and cheer them on by buying tickets.

Two inspiring worship artists will be visiting our Whitewater home in January and February. Southern Gospel group, Soul’d Out (concert) on Saturday, Jan. 25th, and Trans Siberian Orchestra lead violinist, Roddy Chong will be here on Feb. 15/16 weekend. All coming to our home (and His). These are outstanding ‘invest and invite’ opportunities!

Speaking of home, I shared last weekend at each of our services about my Dad (Glenn David Vaughan) being diagnosed with cancer. He is at home – in his own chair, in his own bed, and drinking his own coffee (his words!). We are so appreciative of all the encouraging words and especially for prayer. I am so very grateful for the church family here who is ministering to the minister these days. My father has been prepared for this day and is in good spirits, but he is definitely a man moving toward another home. The faith and hope that we have preached to others will now be claimed by us.


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