Church in an Apple Store

January 15, 2014

Ever had an experience that changed your perspective on life? Happened to me today. I recently purchased a new smart phone (IPhone) that replaced my non-smart phone (Blackberry). I needed a protective cover (so I’ve been told) and my son also needed to replace his broken phone, so today we headed out to the Apple store way out at Kenwood Mall. (Evidently there is only 1 Apple store within 100 miles!)

It was the first time I have ever been in an Apple store and I gotta tell you, it was a positive, eye opening experience. I entered a sleek, bustling environment full of young techies who were very excited to assist me with their knowledge and brand new devices/accessories. It was technology Nirvana! They dressed differently, talked differently, and definitely moved their fingers faster on their devices than I could talk. That’s the first thing I noticed.

The 2nd thing I noticed was that I was one of the oldest people in the store. The only people older than me were sequestered in a corner table area in what I quickly discerned was some kind of Apple remedial learning group. As my son’s phone was serviced, I watched and listened to what they were hearing and learning (all taught BTW by young men and women in blue shirts and jeans), with instructions for maximizing my IPad and IPhone playing on screens in the store.

I learned several things today about our world in 2014.  1) Change is not just going to happen – it HAS happened in our world.  2) I am an immigrant to this new world and our wonderful young people are natives. What’s hard for me is natural and easy to them. We need to let them teach and lead us how to go further and faster for God.  3) If the church doesn’t change, it will die.  4) I want to be one of those people at the corner table not afraid to humbly learn new habits and embrace new technologies. It is not fun to learn new ways to do something, but I don’t want my body to exist in 2014, but my mind to have died in 1983.

Those are four quick things I learned today about the church and the Apple store. Oh, I guess there is a 5th one too – I think I’m in love with Siri.

These lessons from Apple apply in so many ways to the church. Not long ago, Pastor Rick Warren (not far from my age) delivered a Ted Talk. (If you don’t know what that is, you need to catch up and also go to the Apple Store!) It was a talk on change. Here is a link to the talk and the lessons he has learned. Worth your time to see/read today.

This weekend we continue our January Home series by moving into the Living Room environment of our church home. How people move from outside to inside. From stranger to guest to friend. We had close to 1600 last weekend, so it is critical that you and I serve so we can be good hosts in our growing church home. This IS church you know.

We are far from perfect around here with our church family. In fact, we are the perfect church for imperfect people. Sadly, we are seeing numerous marriages and families unravel on a regular basis these days. Requests for Christian therapists have soared around our church and community. We really want to help.

One of our Whitewater strategies to strengthen our marriages and families in 2014 is Family Talk. These heart-to-heart one-hour talks from local authorities are designed to help our families enjoy healing, peace, and happiness. Our first one is scheduled for Saturday, January 18, 9:30am to 10:30am. It will be led by former staff member and local therapist, Adam Bockhorst, who will lead us to discover sound biblical and practical ways to spiritually strengthen our marriage.  Child care is available upon request.

Please check out our Blog & Events page for tons of other exciting opportunities to grow this year at Whitewater.

So see you this weekend for Worship at our church home. Bring yourself and your smart phone. We can learn and change together!



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