Be thankful your name is not Brian Heise

January 29, 2014

Last week in my Direct from David, I talked about hard times and how you respond when things go bad. I heard back from quite a few of you (more than normal!) that it was helpful, so it must have been timely! Hope things are better for you this week. If not, just remember a guy by the name of Brian Heise.

Brian Heise had more than his share of luck back in 1982, and most of it was bad. When his apartment in Provo, Utah, became flooded from a broken pipe in the upstairs apartment, (sound familiar?) the manager told him to go out and rent a water vacuum. That’s when he discovered his car had a flat tire. He changed it, then went inside again to phone a friend for help. The electric shock he got from the phone so startled him that he inadvertently ripped the instrument off the wall.

Before he could leave the apartment a second time, a neighbor had to kick down the apartment door because water damage had jammed it tight. While all of this was going on, someone stole Heise’s car, but it was almost out of gas. He found it a few blocks away, but had to push it to the gas station, where he filled up the tank.

That evening Heise attended a military ceremony at Brigham Young University. He injured himself severely when he somehow sat on his bayonet, which had been tossed onto the front seat of his car. Doctors were able to stitch up the wound, but returning to his apartment, Heise slipped on the wet carpet and badly injured his tailbone. He said he began to wonder if “God wanted him dead, but just kept missing!”

And you think you’ve had bad days!

Ever wonder why things are the way they are in the world today? Not just things in your world, but THE world. You can learn a ton about the present by looking at what happened in the past, so this coming weekend we launch a brand new weekend series called FIRSTClick to play this video.

We will go way back to Genesis 1:1 and start at the beginning. If you want to understand now, go back and look at then. It is supposed to be much warmer this weekend, so come and celebrate Super Bowl weekend with us!     

You can maximize your FIRST growth by participating in a Community Group. Many connected to a group through GroupLINK last Sunday evening, but it is not too late to join a group even if you missed GroupLINK. Sign up online or visit Whitewater Connect in the Atrium this weekend.

The January series we just completed – Home, is one of those fundamental series we do each January around here that is critical to understanding how to fully participate in your church home. If you missed one of the January messages because of weather (worst weather Cincy has had in 40 years!), please view any that you missed. We ask you to do this for so many reasons, but mainly because we want something for you, not from you.

2013 was a record-breaking year for giving at Whitewater (over $2.3 million)! Thank you for your continued generosity that is making a real difference in real lives every day! Look for your 2013 Giving Statements in the mail soon. (You can also view/print your statement thru MYwhitewater.) I know it is God himself doing the blessing and giving through you, but I am so proud of you and continue to shake my head in amazement.

2014 is going to be an awesome year for you, as well as Whitewater. I feel it in my bones (and that’s not just the frigid weather!). God is up to something different this year. Something good. I can smell it. Can’t wait to see what it is! Even if your name is Brian Heise.

Love you.


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