Debates, Genesis, Spaghetti, and a Chinese Violinist on a Snowy day!

Last weekend we launched our new weekend series from Genesis called FIRST, and we talked about how the first 10 words of the Bible affect everything! If true, it means something huge. If not true, it also means something huge.

How timely that Ken Ham and Bill Nye planned a debate last night on this very thing because of our series! Did you watch it? I did. Exceedingly interesting. I did appreciate the respectful way both men dialogued as the evening unfolded. Although I might have answered a few things differently than Ken, I am very thankful that he intelligently articulated the view that God is behind it all and the Bible can be trusted. I encourage you to continue exploring all the resources available on this fascinating and important subject. For sure, you saw the stark difference between two world views.

The two views are revealed in the following. Read it first from the top, and then from the bottom up. Very cool.
                                                  An Atheist’s View on Life  

I will live my life according to these beliefs
God does not exist
It is just foolish to think
That there is a God with a cosmic plan
That an all-powerful God brings redemption and healing to the pain and suffering in the world
Is a comforting thought, however
Is only wishful thinking
People can do as they please without eternal consequences
The idea that
I am deserving of Hell
Because of sin
Is a lie meant to make me a slave to those in power
“The more you have, the happier you will be”
Our existence has no grand meaning or purpose
In a world without God
There is freedom to be who I want to be
But with God
Everything is fine
It is ridiculous to think
I am lost and in need of saving
A Christian’s View on Life

(Read this again from bottom to top!)

Scientists say there are three things that comprise the physical world: Time, Space, and Matter. All are found in the first verse of the Bible – In the Beginning (Time), God created the heavens (Space), and the earth (Matter). Come back this weekend for Genesis chapter 3 and a special guest.

Speaking of Special guests, are you ready for Roddy Chong?? He will be here on February 15/16 weekend to play and give his testimony at all the worship gatherings. It is the perfect weekend to invite a friend.

In my message last weekend, I also focused on Adam and Eve and the first marriage. A great follow-up step you can take, if you want your marriage to be further strengthened, would be the upcoming Marriage Seminar – ‘Building Blocks of a Great Marriage,’ on February 21/22.

Since our FIRST series kicked off this past week, that also means our Community Groups have also begun meeting to go deeper in Genesis and to develop relationships. Show up to your kitchen table group – there are so many things to discuss there that we simply can’t cover on the weekend! If you still did not get signed up for a Community Group, we have two open Community Groups that meet at the church building on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm. No need to sign up for these opportunities, just show up and start the journey of community at Whitewater!

Let me wind down today by sharing an email I received this week from our Student Director, Anita Ridener, regarding our recent Student Ministry Spaghetti dinner fundraiser:

‘WOW – WOW – WOW are the 3 words that come to mind regarding the outpouring of support students received from the Spaghetti Dinner. The evening kicked off at 5:30 and by 6:00 available seats were scarce. For two solid hours the room was filled with love and laughter as community broke out at every table. The large crowd pushed students into high gear. However, in spite of the fast pace, each guest felt appreciated and inspired by the character and hard work the students reflected. Our calculations reveal that we served close to 400 plates of spaghetti and meatballs! We served up a lot of spaghetti, but you poured out an abundance of love and encouragement. We promise to take that same love and encouragement to a Navajo Trails and Mexico City this summer. Thank you so much for making that possible. Together we will change the world for Jesus.’ 

Proud of you Whitewater! Thanks for cheering on our students as they boldly move to the outside environment! It has come to my attention that two very worthy students want to go on the Arizona mission trip to Navajo Trails, and just need a little extra help to do so. They are trying really hard and collectively are just $1200 shy of being able to go. If any of you are led to help make this dream come true for them, (perhaps some of you who were unable to attend the Spaghetti Supper?), would you hit reply right now and let me know the amount you’d like to contribute? I will relay it instantly to Anita.

Because of the weather (winter simply will not release us from its icy grip!), FPU, SWAG for students, Choir, and all activities at church have been canceled for this evening. Stay in and stay safe today! They are plowing the parking lot right now, and we plan to be open this weekend for all gatherings and Genesis chapter three! Come on out. As you do, don’t forget to be vigilant as you drive in and out of the campus (and follow the directions of the Sheriff on RT 128). We have lots of cars moving and people walking into the building. All great problems to have!

Hurry up Spring!



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