5 Things I want you to know today

February 26, 2014

Starting Point – It is THE next step if you have been coming on the weekends. The next one is this Sunday, March 2 from 2:00-4:30pm. I will be there and I am hoping to see you there too!

Only three days left till the Denver and the Mile High Orchestra Encore concert featuring songs from their brand new CD, Mile High Hymns. It is this Saturday (March 1) at 6:30pm after the worship gathering. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends/family. (There is no charge, but a love offering will be collected, so please come prepared.)

Golf League signups have begun. We are defying the winter that will not end and claiming golf weather will soon arrive! It is held on Mondays at Neumann Golf Course and is a great next step to connect with others who are new and also golf. League coordinator Byron Hunt says that the season is slated to start on April 21 and end on August 18, with T-times beginning at 5:16pm.  Cost is $300.

Don’t miss this weekend for any reason! I’ve made some big announcements in the past 12 years, but I have one to make this coming weekend that very well might eclipse them all! All I can say is don’t miss – It will rock your world (in a good way) to see what God has done.

Last weekend’s gatherings were emotional for many. We talked about murder, we talked about the value of life, and finished the message with a focus on forgiveness. Have you completed your assignment to pick 1 person and forgive them this week? I didn’t think so!

Jody Burgin on our staff gave me an awesome acrostic regarding the process of forgiveness that I wanted to share. You can utilize it to act on that difficult, but necessary, assignment.

R- recall the hurt
E- empathize with the person who hurt you
A- altruistically extend forgiveness
C- commit to forgiveness in writing
H- hold onto forgiveness

1. Recall the hurt. When you have been harmed by another, you may try to lessen your hurt by denying or minimizing what happened. The first step to forgiveness, paradoxically, is to fully face the harm you have suffered. You need to recall the hurt as fully and objectively as possible, whether or not the person is offering an apology.

2. Empathize. Until you can see things from the offender’s point of view, feeling that person’s feelings and identifying with the pressures they have experienced, it can be difficult for you to forgive from the heart. Empathy allows you to understand another’s thinking, emotions, and actions.

3. Altruistic gift of forgiveness. Have you ever harmed a friend, parent, or partner who later forgave you? Think about how you felt when you were forgiven. If you have trouble recalling a time when another person forgave you, think of how God has forgiven you. It can motivate you to extend grace and forgiveness to others.

4. Commit to your forgiveness in writing. It’s common for people to doubt that they have truly forgiven someone, especially if the injury or offense repeatedly comes up in their memory. If you announce your forgiveness in a permanent or public way to others, you are less likely to doubt it later. Write a “Certificate of Forgiveness” stating that you have, as of today, forgiven that person.

5. Holding onto forgiveness. If you continue to have doubts about whether you have forgiven, refer to your “Certificate of Forgiveness” and assure yourself that a painful memory does not disqualify the hard work you have done. Forgiveness is a process. Extend yourself mercy to deal with setbacks along the way.

Gotta go. My small group starts pretty soon this evening. That’s another thing I am really excited about!


P.S. We were beyond full in all areas at our 10am Sunday gathering last weekend (and full at 11:30!). It would be awesome if some folks could switch to another service. But what I really wish is that we had a bigger building. Just sayin’…


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