My meanderings on this March day

March 12, 2014

A preacher colleague from Indy named Russ Blowers had to speak to a gathering of business leaders a few years ago. I loved the way he described the work of the church and it’s true CEO.

‘Hi, I’m Russ Blowers. I’m with a global enterprise. We have branches in every country in the world. We have representatives in nearly every parliament and boardroom on earth. We’re into motivation and behavior alterations. We run hospitals, feeding stations, crisis-pregnancy centers, universities, publishing houses, and nursing homes. We care for our clients from birth to death. We are into life insurance and fire insurance. We perform spiritual heart transplants.

Our original Organizer owns all the real estate on earth plus an assortment of galaxies and constellations. He knows everything and lives everywhere. Our product is free for the asking. (There’s not enough money to buy it.) Our CEO was born in a hick town, worked as a carpenter, didn’t own a home, was misunderstood by his family and hated by his enemies, walked on water, was condemned to death without a trial, and arose from the dead. I talk with him every day.’

It is so cool to be a part of a fully alive church, with a fully engaged leader (Jesus), that’s making a difference (let’s work to keep it that way!).

I am excited to announce that a brand new prayer team launches at Whitewater on the weekend of March 22/23 to serve you. Teams have been carefully selected and trained to pray for you and your needs after every weekend gathering. Whether your needs are spiritual, emotional, physical, or relational; they stand ready to pray with you. Beginning March 22/23 weekend, if you need prayer or just want to talk, simply come up to the front of the worship center at the end of the service and a prayer team member will assist you. Staff member Jody Burgin has done an excellent job quarterbacking this effort.

We are known at Whitewater for reaching out to others far from God, investing in a relationship with them, and then inviting them to a weekend gathering. There is no greater feeling in the world than to be used by God to make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Great tools and advice on how to do this better will be shared at the next REACH seminar we are hosting on Thursday night, March 20 (6:30-8:00). Sign up to learn how to ‘invest and invite.’

We are off to a great start for our recently announced G.O.O.D. initiative to reduce our church mortgage. Our goal is to pay off $2.2 million by December 31, 2014. We are at $1,072,458 through last weekend! Join us in this GOOD effort, and keep it up Whitewater. Being debt free is within our grasp!  (Don’t forget, you can help us get debt free electronically)

I must tell you that I am really enjoying our current weekend series from the book of Genesis called FIRST. Last weekend we talked about the Tower of Babel and the first skyscraper ever built. (Someone sent me a unique picture of the Dubai tower that I referenced in my message.) Catch the message here if you missed it.

See you this coming weekend as we explore a most unusual FIRST in the Bible – The first circumcision. It will be an interesting, and believe it or not, very applicable message for us to hear (although our Creative Programming Team is struggling to find just the right bumper video!).


P.S.  On a personal note, many of you have asked about my father. He is still very weak from chemo and spent last week in the hospital, but was transferred yesterday to a rehab facility. We so appreciate your concern and prayers for him, my mom, and our entire family as we walk through this very emotional season of our lives. Dad’s spirit is good and he continues to be my example as he finishes his race here on earth.


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