Our weekend teaching series from the book of Proverbs has been a blast! My prayer is that it has made you wiser and that it causes you to ask regularly – ‘What’s the WISE thing to do?’ Because I see that way too many people are doing just the opposite! The fool hath said in his heart, “I ought to post a selfie!”

Last weekend’s message was on a touchy and sensitive subject I know. (In fact, my Direct from David last Wednesday got spammed because of a word I used, so check your spam folder if you didn’t get my Direct last week!) But this area is essential to address in the church. Solomon did. If you missed the teaching, you can view it, and the whole worship gathering too, online!

A vital component of our mission here is outreach and serving, and June is filled with awesome opportunities to engage. Our first one is DadFestand I want to personally invite all dads and their families to join me at DadFest, our area’s biggest celebration of dads, this Saturday, June 14, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on our campus. We want to help dads be heroes to their kids. Enjoy an unforgettable day with the men in your life at this free event featuring great music, a car and motorcycle show, outdoor sports competitions, family games and inflatables, a disk dog show, and plenty of free food! Maybe you have men in your life who have never really pondered issues of faith. Maybe they are just beginning to explore Christianity. Invite them to join you at DadFest. They can find a home here. They really matter – to God and to us. As this is an outdoor event, it will be held rain or shine, so pray for good weather!

On the heels of DadFest will be FX (Family Experience), June 22, and our annual Vacation Bible School, June 23-26, followed by a church wide iserve Community, the week of June 28, where we will have a chance to be a hero for God by serving others in practical ways for Christ. Where do you plan to serveIf you are out of touch with these things, you are out of step with the mission of Whitewater.  Remember – In the church here, you are a passionate stakeholder, not a privileged stockholder!

Speaking of heroes in our church making a difference by serving, our CARS ministry repaired another car last week, and will present it to a single mom in our church who needs it. And Lee Buckmaster, our Prison Ministry leader, received a thank you note for a Bible we sent to an inmate in Indiana. He wrote, “I had a Bible, but the print was so small I couldn’t read it without my glasses (which I don’t have). I could only make out a word or two. The large print one you sent me is so great. I can actually read every word. The words seem to jump off the pages. I don’t want to put it down.”

Don’t you wish more people would have that enthusiasm about reading God’s Word? God will ALWAYS get His Word through…gates, fences, wires, doors, even someone not having glasses will not stop it. This incarcerated young man heard about our prison ministry from the son of a member of Whitewater who is also incarcerated. Yea God!

And let me close with one more God story which still blows my mind when I think about it. Last weekend at the 11:30 worship gathering, a girl named Penny was baptized. Lots of baptisms occur around Whitewater where people go All In, but Penny’s was unique as she shared that she was a Muslim. Operative word – was! Now she is a Christian. Amazing. What a heroic decision. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her and us.

See you this weekend for DadFest and Father’s Day as we wind down our Proverbs series.

Be wise. Be a hero.



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